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my deviantID
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my deviantID
(by Tobias, Jun 17, 2003)
well .. that's supposed to be my deviantID at deviantArt, telling some basic information about me, just in case someone curious wants to know. ^.^  
Serena Ann Pitre
Jul 4, 2003 
Awww, A Very Cute DeviantArt ID Indeed. I Really Like Your Handwriting, Toby. It's Lovely! Maybe We Could Write To Each Other Sometime? =^_^= It's So Cute How You're Messing With A Can Of Paint. It's ALL Over Him, Awww! *Huggles*

- Serena The Kitty ~ Blaze The Hedgie
~Local Singer
~Knower Of Japanese

*blushes* aww thank you, you happen to be the first one who likes my handwriting ^.^ .. of course we can write each other, it would be a pleasure to me.

the part with the paint is actually true, i tend to colour myself more than the drawings i wanted to colour in first place. *smiles awkwardly*
Jul 17, 2003 
toby? you're on devart?!? i'll go check your account pronto!!!!
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