mid-march in Austria
(by Tobias, Mar 15, 2003)
time flies - it's march again .. the perfect time to sit on the balcony in a chair to enjoy the first sunny days without having to wear a thick jacket, hear the birds singing, and of course the perfect time to catch a flu. right now, quite a lot of people spend their day lying in the bed, sipping on a cup of tea, taking cough syrup .. and guess what? I'm one of them! head ache, throat ache, coughing - I got it all, but at least I have that nice warming feeling that my colleagues are either taking classes or are in the same joyful situation as I am right now .. errr.. how are all of you? >=)


even though in bed, one has plenty of stuff to do .. my fellow classmates are 'kind' enough to tell me what our homework was (taking away my last excuse for not having to do it; thank you all), watching videos, sleeping, and drawing of course (while making fever-competitions with my sister, right now I'm leading by 0.2 °C -.-). sounds good? it gets better, especially after the head ache is gone; except for a bad conscience, because all the others have gone to work or school and you haven't.


Now what rude, egoistic people would we be, if we would eat our cake all alone? Let's share, it is a good thing, they always say - one good deed a day - at least at the pathfinders. For example, I for myself hope many many teachers are infected too, especially now that I'm about to return to school. Why should we possibly have our fun all alone? Our teachers need some rest too, also I bet they'd love watching videos, listening to music and stay in bed most the time. And what's best: if you are a teacher, you don't need to have a bad conscience about staying at home, hence: no worries, don't precipitate - I can assure you: we will not phone your parents, we will not bring you homework, we are not mad at you being absent and we'll probably never be...

... provided that you didn't look for a substitute teacher (or at least infected him/her with your flu too).

See how much I care? Gees, I'd make a really good pathfinder.
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