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(by Tobias, Feb 16, 2003)
it's quite difficult to choose what to write for the first post, hence I guess I will introduce myself. My name is Tobias and I'm from Austria - no, not that one with kangaroos .. that one with mountains and cows. Austria is not nearly as cold as the south pole where my avatar lives, but with -20 degrees celsius (which is -4 degrees fahrenheit according to what my physics teacher has taught me - provided that I remember right - my records for physics are awfully incomplete) it's already getting warmer .. closer that is.
I like swimming, reading, drawing, listening to music and writing, although I'm not really good at any of this (except listening to music, which just requires me to press two to three buttons .. occationally I hit the wrong ones, but I don't count that). My native language is German, I started with English in the 4th form of elementary school and right now I'm attending the 4th form of what I believe is called "junior high school" in English (I chose Italian as my second foreign language at the beginning of the 3rd form, one year ago). This site serves absolutely nothing, I created it together with a friend of mine for fun, so don't be disappointed if you don't find anything of use - I'll say I told you so.

my furry code
Jun 9, 2006 
*tiptoes stealthily* Hmm, I wonder if anyone will notice me in here... Muahaha. X3

Well, I guess there's no need for introductions. ;P I first met you like 10 months ago, no? Oh, you've definitely come a long way since you first started this site. Look at all these useful menus! :3 So a friend helped you create it? You still keep in touch with him?
Anonymous Author
Aug 25, 2006 
very good works i like them keep it up
Sep 3, 2006 
Jan 14, 2012 
Seems cold there! Rug up Toby!! :3
Jan 15, 2012 
*ruggifies you* >3
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