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Written by Bungie95 on Jun 28, 2006
D: ...did you just add that activity button there, or is it just me? Sheesh, I'm so pitiful!

(Taunting me with your hidden pics again, I see. ;3 I'm watching you!)

Yeah, the firefox ads are off to the side, though I'm not sure if it's the front page only. And yeah, people are constantly like "OMG get firefox...!! It's teh best browser ever! IE sux you will get viruses with IE!!"

I mess up my links sometimes. I would forget to make the closing thing, and then all of the following text is a clickable link. D: Thank God for edit buttons!

(This is like a hidden part of your site, huh? I got here by clicking the hints on your old journal. :3 )
Jun 29, 2006 
Oh, it's been there for quite a time already, buuut still, I didn't mean it to stand out or anything ;3 I just found it'd be really helpful to check my old posts and stuff, you know? ^-^

(Meeeee? Taunting you with hidden pictures? Suuuuure ;P What hidden pictures anyway? ;P)

Oh, not just the front page? Where else is it? And you know, the reason I switched to Firefox is just that it's safer ;3 Internet Explorer does have a lot of security issues and most of them are actively exploited <.< I don't know, I just feel safer with it, and think of it, if it weren't for Firefox and stuff, IE7 wouldn't have tabs or RSS or anything ;3

Saaame here ;P Or sometimes I mistype them ;P Editing is definitely helpful here X3

(Yup, pretty much, I think you can get here by going here, but it's not linked anywhere on the site, just on devArt - which actually makes sense, since it's help for devArt only ;P )
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