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Written by Tobias on Oct 10, 2006
Aww, yay!! *sings you happy birthday* ^-^

So, what was your birthday like, hmm? Did you get a tablet? Would you like to go on oC again some time? :3

Aww, I'm sure it has, no? I mean, foxes are kind of popular animals, right? X3 (by the way, did you ever play Sonic&Tails, seeing you like foxes so much? It's a very cute game with very cute animations, especially for Tails ;3 )
Oct 11, 2006 
It was great!! I got a present sent to me from a family friend in TEXAS!!! ^-^ I feel so special! Nope, no tablet yet, I gotta show Mom how to order it first ;p

Shh...I'm grounded right now -.-; But I'd love to get on oC asap! (next weeek when I'm not grounded XD)

I hope so! I haven't heard of that particular game, but I sure do play a lot on <--It has a Sonic game on there somewhere X3

Oct 12, 2006 
Wow, that sounds cool ^-^ What did you get, if you don't mind me asking? :3 Oh, and I see ^-^ You'll prooobably have to wait with showing your mother how to order it though until you're no longer grounded, right?
What did you do to deserve that special kind of treatment, anyway? <.< Next week's definitely fine with me :3

One way to find out, no? I mean .. once you're no longer grounded, that is X3 Oh, and I'll need to show you a few screenshots of that game some time, if I can still find the CD - it's adorable watching the various animations, really ;P (heh, that site looks huge, I can imagine there's got to be a Sonic game there, somewhere)
Oct 13, 2006 
X3 I';m sure you'll find that game eventually....<.<

It's Friday, so I have special privileges X3

I got a 4x6 one....I forget which brand XD
Oct 14, 2006 
Oh, I hope so too, but keep in mind, that game is ten years old! (but it's still just as adorable :3 )

Aww ^-^ But why were you grounded in first place, hmm? <.<

That's awesome - soooo you have the tablet already? Ooooor is it still on its way to your place? ;P What program do you draw in, with your tablet?
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