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Written by Josie on Apr 23, 2004
Hehe...would you believe, I never intended Koshi to sound like started off Koshizu (well, it still is) But then people called me Koshi, and it just stuck. It wasn't intentional, I swear! n_n* Funny how coincidental it looks though, right? <=]
And, I was looking through Japanese pronounciaton sites, and I think Josie is said 'Joshi'...n___n* But I'm not 100% sure. Weird if it was though! =]
Apr 23, 2004 
hehe, I even though of being even more there .. since you liked Yoshi, I thought you changed your name from Josie to Joshi, and .. well .. the K coming from Kai .. making your nick what it is right now, Koshi =P

Weird, huh?

May 15, 2004 
Ahah! That very coincidental...but in fact, thats not how I came up with my name. =] It wasn't Yoshi influenced at all, even though Yoshi is a favourite character of started of as Koshizu, for some unknown reason...I just thought of it, and it stuck. Then, people started calling me Koshi, it sounded good, so I kept it that way. Although, I did want to change my name recently...I'm becoming a bit tired of Koshi now...I want something new! Hehe...I was thinking...Ness. (bonus points where I thought of THAT, haha...X3) Perhaps I will someday. Who knows? n_n
May 17, 2004 
Yay .. wait .. does that mean you'll now live in some obscure lake and scare people? something you didn't tell me, hmm? <.<

Koshi sounds better than Koshizu for me .. much easier to pronounce and more natural looking .. plus your actual name and your nick seem kind of similar to each other, don't you think so?
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