Privacy Policy
I.) Information We Collect

Generally, no visitor or member on is required to give out any personally identifiable information, as such there is nothing to be "collected". All information given to the website is entirely voluntarily, to the extend a visitor feels comfortable with it. When having an account, users will have a screenname and a password they use to identify themselves, whereas which screenname is being chosen is pretty much up to them. The password they choose is stored one-way-encrypted, thus the website has no knowledge about what the password actually is. A member may optionally choose to enter their e-mail address on their profile, which they can use to reset their password, or - if desired - to receive notifications when new artwork is being uploaded ("watching"), or they receive a new message, however they have to explicitely opt-in for that.

We do not collect personally identifiable information from users that are twelve years or younger and will remove any personally identifiable information collected from a user should we become aware that they're not yet thirteen years old.

Users can interact with the site and post comments on drawings which are being stored, in which they express their opinion. Also, they can specify the website address of their homepage should they have one. Providing this information is entirely voluntary, however. Furthermore, posts that contain excessively personally identifiable information (such that we have to assume that there was no intend from this user to give it out to the public) will be removed or have the information edited out as soon as we become aware of it.

From time to time, we might offer users that are eighteen years or older to obtain drawings or other artwork, such as paintings or clay figures. In this case, once they're at the checkout process, the site prompts users for their address which is used solely to fulfill their order and send the items, and which is removed from our system after the order has been completed and the items have arrived. Users younger than eighteen years are instructed to have their parents to place order in their behalf, no information is being stored and the user cannot proceed with an order until they confirm to be eighteen years of age or older.

The site has a section for my friends, where I showcase them and their artwork, and where they can voluntarily give out information about themselves such as their hobbies, their preferred media, their birthdate, what characters they have and draw, and similar. Parental consent is being requested and required for any friend younger than thirteen years before they are being included in the list. During the request for consent, parents are being informed in detail about what information is being displayed and can be entered by their child, and can decide to maintain the account for their child or not having anything displayed at all.

Additionally, when visitors come to the site, certain non-personally identifiable 'computer' information, such as the type of browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Firefox) used, the operating system (such as Windows or MacOS) and the computer's IP address is automatically being collected by the web server.

II.) How We Use The Information

We use a user's personal information for internal purposes, such as to enable them to reset the password of their account should they forget it, or to notify them of updates such as new artwork that is being uploaded, if they chose that they wanted to be informed about this (which they can do in their settings or using the "Watch" feature found in the Art Gallery section. Each e-mail contains information about how they can remove themselves from the subscription list again - namely by updating their settings or sending us a return mail. The information from the order system mentioned in section I.) is being used to fulfill the particular order of the user and is removed after the order has been completed.

Also, we sometimes use the non-personally identifiable information we collected to improve the site's design as well; to figure out what improvements can be made to the content and the overall experience offered to the user by the site. We too may use this information in aggregate to analyze the site usage in general and its performance.

The site uses Google Analytics to create aggregate, non-personally identifiable reports about general site usage. This information may be used for decisions to improve the website in general - for example, if we realize most of our visitors come from Australia, we may relocate the site to Australia in order to make it faster for them. Likewise, if we notice a lot of our visitors using a 800x600 screen resolution, we'll make extra sure my site works fine with it. The information Google Analytics uses is protected by Google's privacy policy, which makes sure they will not give out personal information either.

Information collected will not be shared with third parties, sold, transferred or otherwise disclosed unless required by law, for example a court order or in response to a request of a law enforcement agency. In addition, we will also disclose such information if we feel that this may prevent the incitement of a crime, the implementation or the aid the prosecution of such.

This concludes how collected information will be used. No information will be used in a way that is fundamentally different from what is stated above without prior consent of the affected parties.

III.) Cookies

The site uses a technology called "cookies" - which is information a user's browser is asked to remember for the website. This is being used to store a user's preferences and to keep general track of their status - such as whether they are logged in to their account or not. We do not use cookies to track or relate to personal information, but rather to obtain information about general site usage, such as how many visitors we have or what areas of the site are particularily interesting, so we can improve and focus on them. We do not require users to use this technology, however we encourage them to, since they give the site a chance to distinguish between legitimate users and malicious scripts (often used to abuse the site to post unsolicited advertisments, also known as "spam").

Certain web-browsers require so-called P3P codes and "P3P privacy policies" in order to trigger the function of these cookies. We employ these policies as technical switches only, in order to allow users of these browsers to use our website properly as well, however apart from that, while these codes should not be significantly different to our actual policy, they are fictional and we disclaim and disavow any meaning, significance and liability to these P3P codes and policies, which is explained in the compact P3P policy with the DSA tag as well.

IV.) Parental Review of Information

As a parent, if you would like to access the personally identifiable information collected from your child, correct factual errors, have this information deleted or request that such information is no longer to be collected, please contact us by sending a certified or traceable courier mail letter at the mailing listed provided below. Ensure you have included your e-mail address and a telephone number we can use to contact you. To ensure the privacy and security of your child, reasonable effort and steps will be undertaken to verify your identity before granting you access to this information.

V.) Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our privacy policy or practices, you are welcome to contact us using our contact form or via certified/traceable courier mail at the address stated below.

Domains by Proxy, Inc. Rg. "ICYWORLDS.NET"
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

VI.) Effective Date

This privacy policy has been written and is effective as of November 15, 2005, covering and applying to all previous information collected by the site. We reserve the right to change the policy at our own discretion, in which case users will be notified of such a change by us posting a new privacy policy on our website which will include and clearly mark the date the change is effective.

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