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Meet Sylvana (or ChocolateCoveredLupe .. whatever you prefer ^-^), a friendly and nice artist at deviantArt and fellow neopian ^^ I've met her in mid-december, if I recall right (I might be wrong though, I'm bad with dates) and I guess she's pretty much one of the most unproblematic friends you could meet - not only being there with a friendly smile but also because of being "just" the average herself, not exaggerating, not putting herself down, not being full of herself - all that, and generally being the kind of person who would always stop by, ask you whether everything's alright and generally show how much she cares about her friends making her an awesome friend to have. ^-^

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Featured Artists
This section is dedicated to those who actually did more than just dropping by and leaving again - be it mailing me, exchanging, trading or helping me improve - even though the world wide web is huge there are surprisingly few people, who are kind and warm-hearted enough to get in touch with each other, actually care and hence really make my day.
In fact that's also the reason this section is separated from the general links - these people are very special ones and as such deserve a separated section.
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