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(Thumbnail of "One Fine Day")
by Tobias, on Oct 12, 2006
(Thumbnail of "Phiyrr (and the evil sorcerer)")
by Tobias, on Jul 30, 2006
(Thumbnail of "Happy Birthday ^-^")
by Tobias, on Jun 20, 2006
(Thumbnail of "Plushie ^-^")
by Tobias, on May 31, 2006
(Thumbnail of "Paradise's Nothing")
by Tobias, on Apr 14, 2006
(Thumbnail of "Trick or Treat!")
by Tobias, on Dec 3, 2005
(Thumbnail of "Yet Hope - Jackie")
by Tobias, on Nov 19, 2005
(Thumbnail of "Lost in Music ~ for Kazzi")
by Tobias, on Oct 16, 2005
(Thumbnail of "Hot Blooded")
by Tobias, on Sep 22, 2005
(Thumbnail of "Jackie - Gone")
by Tobias, on Aug 22, 2005
(Thumbnail of "Polar Night")
by Tobias, on Aug 4, 2005
(Thumbnail of "Sunset")
by Tobias, on Feb 27, 2005
(Thumbnail of "Winter Time")
by Tobias, on Dec 16, 2004
(Thumbnail of "Beaches")
by Tobias, on Nov 1, 2004
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Drawing and Pictures
This is the main category where I put all my finished work. Drawings in here I usually spent a lot of time on, are carefully planned and crafted out drawings that I refine and polish and generally spend heaps of effort on. Since this takes me quite a bit of time, I do not post to this gallery too often, so don't be surprised if nothing gets added for a month or so ^^
The scrapbook is where I put in quicker drawings - which doesn't mean they're effortless though. Usually I end up spending anything between an hour to four hours on a drawing, finishing it in a day or two.They might be spontaneous ideas, new styles I'm trying out, or work in progress, and I generally submit to this gallery more often than to the main "Drawing and Pictures" gallery.
My Friends' Drawings
These are drawings some very precious individuals that I have the honour to call my friends drew for me. While you won't see drawings I posted but rather drawings someone else did, watching this gallery means you will see a large variety of style, as many different artists draw the pictures that get added to this category. Who knows? You might just find someone else whose style you absolutely adore ^^
Clay Figures
Here I put photos of clay figures I modelled, most of them either made with Sculpey, Paper Clay and Model Magic. I'll post both, painted and unpainted clay figures in this gallery, if a sculpture is about your character, I'll be happy to send it to you if you want. ^-^
Colouring Pages
The colouring pages are uncoloured images, outlined with black ink and scanned that you can print out and colour by yourself. By watching this gallery, you'll be informed whenever there's a new drawing added to the colouring pages that you could colour, give to someone to colour, or just look at and enjoy. ^^
Journal Entries
This will send you a notification if I write new journal entries on this website (which will show on the front page).
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