[General Use] Logging in
(by Tobias, Aug 11, 2005)
On deviantArt, once you logged in, you can usually roam around as much as you want with your account, until you click the "Logout" link - even if you close your browser and open it again, you won't be asked for your password.

That said, there are a couple of things you can do:

- If you log in at a computer and then log in again from a second computer, the first computer gets logged out. You can use this if you, for example, logged in at a friend's, or an internet café and forgot to log out again: Logging in on a second computer is like clicking the logout link on the first computer (the first computer might still be able to browse around a bit, but as soon as they try to post something, or read your notes, deviantArt checks and notices that you logged in from a second computer).

- You can also go to and check the "Don't log out other users" box. This will be the exact opposite: Now both computers will stay logged in, and you can browse deviantArt with both of them at the same time even. If you have two computers at different places only you would use, this could be useful and you wouldn't need to log in again from any of these. Make sure though that noone else would use the second computer then to read your notes and stuff, so doing that at a school computer might not be a good idea. If in doubt, simply log out and log in again on your computer the usual way, and all the other computers you might still be logged in get logged out ^-^
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