[Hints] View Friends
(by Tobias, Nov 6, 2005)
Subscribers have a little box on their page, listing everyone who they have marked as their friend in their deviantWatch settings, however, no matter whether they have it enabled, or even if you aren't a subscriber, you can always find out who their friends are by going to their deviantpage, adding "myfriends" to the end of the address in your browser's address-bar, and hitting enter. This is also an easy way for you to link to your friends - just check them as friends in your deviantWatch and link to the myfriends-page in your journal ^-^
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Jun 26, 2006 
I found that out by accident. ;) I was just looking at my list one day and decided to replace my name with another one, and voila, it worked. Ironically, it doesn't work for the pageviews button on accounts that have the page hidden.
Jun 26, 2006 
Nope, pageviews and gallery stats have a permission check, no idea why the friends one doesn't - I guess it's that the one's just a subscriber feature which does no harm if someone else knows that information (whereas the stats are pretty private to some), but maybe they just forgot?
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