[Hints] Put little graphics outside your journal
(by Tobias, Nov 9, 2005)
If you're a subscriber, you can actually make graphics go a little outside your journal for a neat effect. To do this, create a little graphic that you want to include, and leave the topmost 15 pixels empty. If you can, save it as GIF, so the background is actually transparent.

Then, go to your journal and paste these lines at the very bottom of your footer section:
<img src="website address of your first picture" align="left" /><img src="website address of your second picture" align="right" />

That's it - keep in mind that it only works if the visitor uses Firefox, for all other browsers it's displayed inside the journal as usual (so make sure your graphics look good for that case too). If you need some webspace to put your picture, you can give a shot ^-^

(if you need even more details - the topmost 9 pixels will still be inside your journal, and the maximum height you should have is 36 pixels ^-^ The character in the journal is Jackie, by the way ^^)
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Jun 27, 2006 
Too bad only Firefox gets this feature. ;_; I never even heard about this effect until recently. ^^;

(What a coincidence, I saw something similar a while ago! D: )
Jun 27, 2006 
(on devArt you have to sit on the right spot and know the right people to get credit and to be listened to. I stopped bothering a long time ago. I post my pictures there, I help my friends - which is why I posted this, so they know how to do it - and that's about it.)
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