Crest of Preciousness - ChristmasLolly
Crest of Preciousness, for ChristmasLolly

The red-pink-ish flower that you can see to the left is actually one of the very few plants found in places near this cold environment, even though they're usually nowhere close. Rumours say that one looking for these might be more lucky to run across one in a place slightly south-east, where volcanoes at the bottom of the ocean cause a temperature just nuances higher than in the surroundings, however that doesn't really change anything to the fact that these pretty flowers are a hard and very rare find, and it's only seldom that one of our friends here actually gets lucky enough to spot one of these on their travels far away from home. Not only noone knows how this flower can survive in these cold temperature, another interesting ability of this plant is that it can retain its vitality and vibrant colours even in this sphere, nourishing on the sunlight that falls through the glass.
Our little inhabitants of this icy environment use these little spheres with the flower in it as a sign of appreciation, giving it to someone they consider special to show their friendship. To them, the flower significates a sign of warmth, persistance and liveliness in this otherwise so cold climate.

The same can be applied to here. If you have a website you might notice that people stop by one time, or even a couple of times, but that's as far as it usually goes. Even if one considers themselves to be popular, it's often only a swarm of people around who are only superficially interested, following one like shadows, being there when it's sunny but disappearing during darker days. Or think of life in general, how often do you see people rushing around, maybe superficially asking how one is doing, pretending to be listening, with no real interest whatsoever? The people you see here are very much different: They are warm trustworthy and caring persons, who put a lot of time and effort into their friendship, that can be relied on - and not only do that during good times where it's easy but also during harder ones. I usually know them for quite some time already as well, not just weeks or months, but rather years in which I got a good grasp of their personalities and learned to appreciate them.

Lolly is a teal-coloured fairy kitty and a fellow Neopian I got to know way back then, in the very first days of 2004 on devArt, looking through galleries and favourites and spotting drawings of her character (which is very unique too, by the way ;P ). Plus her writing style caught my attention as well, since I found it funny and cute - and we kind of stuck around since then, which is something I wouldn't want to miss: Friendly and always willing to help, Lolly not only gives helpful and detailed critique on others work, but is a talented drawer of her own as well, especially when it comes to cute drawings and characters, loaded with fantasy and details.

What really stands out though is her unique personality - being appreciative, understanding and at the same time a loyal, humerous and vivid friend (and sometimes a little hyper too X3). No matter whether we're chatting, roleplaying, doing collaborations, or just randomly drawing goofy scribbles in openCanvas - Lolly is always a blast to hang around with, someone you can talk about pretty much everything you want and count on, even during harder times ^-^

ChristmasLolly's Art, ChristmasLolly's site (Neopets Lookup ^^)

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