Hi -- this is supposed to be my guestbook. I welcome everyone to take a few seconds and feel free to sign it, no matter if you'd like to leave a comment about the site or just want to say hello.

Please don't spam the guestbook. Thanks =n.n=

Mar 24, 2007 
Just great and helpful!
Poerti from Germany
Mar 15, 2007 
Thank you very much for your great css-help. I will take your support for my DA account!

Best wishes from Germany

Emma from Thailand
Mar 1, 2007 
Bilal from Jakarta - Indonesia
Feb 27, 2007 
you have a nice site n guestbook...
in this form, may i ask some help to you...can you give some guestbook script just like your which i can put in my site...please email me at (e-mail address removed for privacy reasons)
Apr 6, 2007 
Sent you an e-mail with some hints what you could do - the most obvious is what I do and generally putting anything you get under review ;P
In fact, I guess you can get away with just putting anything that has http:// in it under review and filter 99% of the bad postings with little to no false positives X3
rairai from deviantart
Feb 20, 2007 

hey there ^^ your site is neat and thanks for the easy css input coder .. its really useful for noobs like me >.<
Rachel from Liverpool, UK
Feb 19, 2007 
Good art and website, hopw we can be friends. Here's my email, (e-mail removed for privacy reasons)

Many Thanks,

Rachel x

P.S. Email me if you need any help with anything.
Feb 20, 2007 
Hiya Rachel ^-^

Aww, thankies :3 Glad you like the pictures I drew so far, aaaand sure, I'll ask you if I need any help ^-^

xNekoRock from canada
Feb 18, 2007 
thank you for helping me but i have one question..
how can i make my journal background not repeat, but instead stretch?
i keep on making the picture bigger but when i put it on here the size stays the same.
i want it to cover all of my jopurnal except my header..

can u help me?
Feb 20, 2007 
That's a good one - from what I know, there is no clean way to stretch background images in CSS - what you can do is putting the background as an ordinary image in your journal, stretch that one and layer all the text above it - you can find plenty of examples on the web for that (such as this one here), but I'd discourage you from doing that - it's not going to look good. The way you have it right now is actually what I'd be doing - make a big picture that can be repeated horizontally/vertically if needed (as in, if you have a really tall journal) - it's much better and cleaner and will look good no matter how tall/short your journal is. If you need help making your current background tile-able, drop me a note (I'm tobyf on devArt) - same goes if you really want to do the stretch-image thingy despite my warnings ;P

Take care,
Feb 8, 2007 
What Bungie said, one hundred percent, bud! :3
Feb 20, 2007 
Great to hear ^-^ So, how have you been doing? Didn't hear from you quite some time, a lot's got to have happened in the meantime on your part too - maybe you'll just note me some time, hmm? :3
Feb 6, 2007 
Whereever you are, whatever you're doing, you always have our support, buddy. ^-^ Stay safe, okay? <3
Feb 20, 2007 
Just busy, that's all. There's a lot going on these months that's keeping me occupied ^^
Feb 22, 2007 
Hehe yeah, I know. X3 I haven't heard a word from you in months, so I can imagine how busy it can get. ^^; I hope you've been doing really well! A lot of things probably happened during that time, so one of these days, we should chat again to see what we've been up to. :3 Take it easy, all right? ^-^ You can defeat those tasks! :D

Best wishes,
A.R.Dudich from Westville, Illinois
Feb 5, 2007 
Thanks for the CSS Builder. I'm getting ready to experiment with it!
Feb 20, 2007 
Yay, glad to hear ^-^ Hope you enjoy it :3
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