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Lugia Draconis Allstar Vll from Germany
Nov 7, 2006 
Whoaaaaaa this site is Sooooooooo Cute! Never had see So Good and drawed things...
thats amazin!
You can draw the fur how thats real!
whoa when i have saw the site for first time,i am an fan of you^^

p..s. Can you contact me some time,please? because i want to ask you some things.
Email: (E-Mail hidden for privacy reasons)
Larry from Simpsonville South Carolina
Nov 7, 2006 
Nice website :D Thanks to the use of your CSS engine, i now have a wicked cool webpage. Thanks.
Nov 22, 2006 
Oh, you're welcome! Glad it helped you, and yush, I totally agree, it definitely looks impressive ^-^ (just the contrast between the text and the grey parts of the journal background could be a biiit bigger, but apart from that, it's surely well done ^-^ )

Take care,
Nishi from Orange County, CA
Nov 4, 2006 
Still maintaining your site just as well as you were ages ago--that'a seal! (:
Hopefully everything in both worlds is going well for you. I'm glad people don't ignore Mimigas, or that you don't anyways. You're style will always be recognizeable; and I learned that through them! Keep having fun in the seas, Toberoonski! :3
Nov 22, 2006 
Hehe, nooooo worries, I'll always be updating this site, eeeven though I might be busy every now and then, but this one's definitely going to stay up until I'm six feet under ground (because then I miiight have slight troubles maintaining it, buut I'll try X3 Maybe I can tell you what's it like on the other side then X3 )

Hope you're doing all well too (heading for University now? :3 ), and take care!
Fiona from Indonesia
Nov 4, 2006 
hi I just wanna say thx a lot! i've just got a sub and I can't do any CSS so i'm very helped with your CSS generator! thx a lot!!
Nov 22, 2006 
Hehe, you're definitely all welcome for the CSS thingy :aww: Oh, and whoa, your journal sure is comprehensive *-* The CSS on it is nice, it looks very smooth and professional, and your photos are great too, no doubt!

You're doing a grand job - especially for your age - keep it up!

inkscripter from CO
Nov 3, 2006 
Thanks so much for the CSS generator. Big help! :D
Janette from Manila, Philippines
Nov 1, 2006 
Thank you so much for sharing with us your CSS generator ;P
Oct 27, 2006 
You are awesome - thank you for helping me learn CSS. I love your "little site." :-)
Holly! from Florida
Oct 26, 2006 
GREAT SITE!!! And thanks for making CSS easy ... i never thought I could customise my journal!! YOU ROCK!!
Bret from Kauai
Oct 25, 2006 
Aloha, man you have rocked me world. I have seen some of these cool journal pages, showing up around DA. I was jealous. Theen I found your page and whoa, I am stoked!! I would like to do more I guess I jes keep lookin around fer more tips. Thanx so much.
timmy-gost from KY
Oct 23, 2006 
nice place you got here very cute :D
Nov 9, 2006 
Aww, thankies! And same goes to your drawings, they're really cute - Werechu looks adorable, and you sure have a cute drawing style too!

Keep up the good work, and take care!

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