Hi -- this is supposed to be my guestbook. I welcome everyone to take a few seconds and feel free to sign it, no matter if you'd like to leave a comment about the site or just want to say hello.

Please don't spam the guestbook. Thanks =n.n=

Apr 19, 2003 
thanks for stopping by at me site before tobias, and yes 4 months is a bit long to be under construction. but it shall be up in soon time.

btw- you have a nice site here and great art. keep up the good work.
Mister Brisby
Apr 17, 2003 
Hi,coole Seite.Du hast einen schönen und eigenen Zeichenstil,Kompliment. :-)  
Und danke für deinen Eintrag in mein GB,ich krieg sonst nicht allzu viel "Besuch". *g*  
-Vorschlag: Wie wärs mit ein paar Informationen über dich selbst?Ich finds interessant zu wissen,was für ein Mensch hinter diesen Bildern steckt.  
Bis dann!  
oje ^.^' .. viel interessantes gibt es da aber nicht .. aber ich werd' mal zusammenschreiben, was mir so alles einfällt. vorerst einmal danke für den vorschlag!
Apr 16, 2003 
Thank you for signing my GuestBook [since I don't get very many visitors, heh heh]. Nyami is right, though, 'tis a very very cute seal! Also, your idea of incorporating a small narrative with your pictures is very cool. Two thumbs up!
Apr 11, 2003 
Hi! ^_^  
Thanks a lot for stopping by and signing my guest-book. The name Pink Club Soda was really picked at random. I was only trying to be original and I don't think there really is such a thing as Pink Club Soda out there (not that know of). X3; That and I thought it was pretty cute.  
You have a really cute art style yourself. ^^ I love your characters, especially that little seal. He's just so cute - I just want to hug it! ^_^ Unless I'm mistaken you're 14/15 years old right? (I think I read you were born in 1988). In any cases, you're a WHOLE LOT better than I was at your age. @_@; Keep up the fantastic work! And if you don't mind, I'll be linking to your page in my next update. :3  
Thanks for offering to send me a brown paper bag. ;3 Take care of yourself!  
~ Nyami.
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