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Missy from Minnesota
Sep 26, 2007 
These Creatures are so cute!! I love this site!
Yoli from a little box
Sep 12, 2007 
I'm sure you have gotten lots of praise and thank yous from creating a CSS tool for us dA people. Well I'd also like to say thanks, it saved a lot of time for lazy people like me. ;) Your artwork is also very adorable, such soft colours and shading; it brightens up my day. Keep up the great work.~~
Nishi from Orange County, CA
Aug 22, 2007 
Yay! Toby's been getting lots of loving since I stopped by. :D Hopefully all's been well and hopefully not totally busy! Gotta use part of the summer to rest your fins. ;)

CCS? Everyone's mentioning it! I bought a book on web design and I remember some of the things I skimmed through were mentioned on your page... so once I actually start reading and get to that part I think I'm gonna make another visit here - you'd probably explain it easier than the book does! ;D

School seems to be starting up again all over the world, so it might be miles in time until I hear from ya again, buuuut I hope you have a nice lil' time. (: See ya soon, bud!

(Great site as always, by the way!)
Caramello25 from Krakow,Poland
Aug 6, 2007 
Hey,I've just found an email from my brother saying he found "extremally well made website with lots of cutest possible characters".You know what,I hate when he is right,but this time he is.This site is yours.

If cuteness could be measured with "awwww's"per minute,than you have a big chance to win something.Whatever^^
Mehitabel from Poprad,Slovakia
Aug 5, 2007 
Geee,that's one of the cutest and most proffesional art sites I've ever seen!
Your characters are so sweet that I can't help it but hug them in my mind^^'

Keep going this way,people like you make me believe there still is some beauty remained in this world.Thank you.
silverfangmeteor from ireland,co.cork,mallow
Jul 26, 2007 
oooooooooohhh ur art is amazing i love ur design on ur caracters.i love that dog with a tail thingy(sorry i dont now what it is)>_<.this site is great 2 so keep up the good work*gives u thumbsup* :D
fokus-freek from The Hospital
Jul 19, 2007 
^^This site was sent to me from an assistant at DA. I was looking for help with cropping my icon and it worked! Your automatic 50x50 tool is great!
Thanks a honey bunches of oats! lawl ^x^
Jul 21, 2007 
Aww ^-^ You're very welcome - glad to know it's of any use at all ^-^
brightsilvercloud from The other side of the world
Jul 17, 2007 
Hunney, thankies for your's a great help :D
Jul 21, 2007 
Thankies - glad to know that it helped you! ^-^
chloe torr from grange park
Jul 9, 2007 
I love your site its the best one yet!
Jul 21, 2007 
D'aww, thankies <3
Bungie95 from Just a bit more to the north X3
Jul 3, 2007 
Hiya, Toby. Earlier last month was the commencement of my university studies; so I guess I can can expect a lot of work to come my way soon. Yipee, more work to worry about... ;P

Hopefully you've been up-to-date with all your work as well; so if you got a bunch of those assignments here and there, don't be afraid to tackle them head on. ;] I know I say this a lot, but keep it up! Knowing how busy you've been at your new school, you've undoubtedly learned a bunch of new stuff by now; so congrats on slowly working your way to new experiences. ^^ It'll be interesting to see you apply what you've learned as your future unfolds!

Anyway, take care of yourself out there!

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