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Surprising Visit
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Surprising Visit
(by Tobias, Jul 20, 2003)
I was puzzled. Really. I was just hopping around at the ice-covered shore, hoping to spot fishes and stuff .. and suddenly I saw a little green something, who introduced himself as Zanoma .. just standing there, obviously freezing.  
Huge ears, a long tail .. really, I did not recall seeing anything like that before .. not that I come around a lot, but I sure know the shore, the hideouts of the fish and much more. I mean, how much of a seal would I be, if I wouldn't?  
The best way to get used to cool water is to jump right in, they say here. said - done .. but alas, this doesn't seem work for our little green visitor. Well, at least not in that way, he told me later on, after lifting him out of the water again and getting him inside. In fact, Zanoma has the amazing ability to adapt to pretty much every environment, given just a little time.  
So .. we'll back off for now .. which means tea instead of water and cover ourselves in blankets instead of snow. Who knows, maybe we'll already have a snowball fight tomorrow. ^.^  
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