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Winter Time
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Winter Time
(by Tobias, Nov 27, 2004)
Actually, this is work in progress still, but I thought it would make a pretty sight (plus, I can finally make the title go halfway over the picture without having to worry it's covering detail, or ruining the picture - it's work in progress after all, right? ). The actual drawing extends a little to the right still, which is unfinished though.

We don't have that much snow yet, but knowing Austria, it's only a matter of time until we build snowmen and toss around snowballs ^-^
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Nov 27, 2004 
Like I said on Sheezy, splenderful job on the snowy textures. ^^ I really like the textures for everything else too, the fences with the wood texture which you've mastered a long time ago, the icy shines and trasparent look of the frost on the fence, the path from the sled (And I'm guessing if it's extending from the right, that means we'll get to see who brought it there? I'm guessing it's Lenore if it's for her, and since it looks like paw prints rather then fin prints ;P). The single flower adds a touch to it too, since it's not too deep into winter just yet, but enough for there to be snow and such. The only other thing now that I think of it, is the lighting of the snowman and the snow piles next to him... but since there's no sun, but extreme brightness to guess where it is, it could be above enough for the snowman (He's leaning a little back anyways, so it could work), but back enough for the hills too... So actually that can work. ^^; Super duper job Tobers, I'm sure she'll love it, as she must love all the other pictures you so kindly give to her. ^^
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