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Eye of the Beholder
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Eye of the Beholder
(by Lenore, Dec 24, 2004)
Something for +tobyf, based on an idea from him that came up. Maybe if we practice enough(for about 2 minutes), we could win the Neopets Beauty Contest...or shall we say, The Hastily Drawn Blob Contest. :giggle: Well, if beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, that makes the entire contest even more unfair. XP
I outlined this in pen and colored Lenore and Toby mainly with prismacolor markers(they were expensive, so I had only bought the essential colors...might get more though, I really like them). First time using them, so I'm sure I'd improve. The rest was colored with prisma colored pencils. The floor isn't so bright in the original, and when I dulled it a bit it made the rest of the colors look boring, so there isn't much to do about that. ^^; The line separating the floor and wall is crooked because I didn't have a ruler or anything else to use that worked well. And I am aware that the Chias--er, blobs--are crappily colored, they're supposed to be. ;P

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