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(by Lenore, Dec 27, 2004)
Ok, so it's pretty late in terms of the holiday, but it's never too late to say 'thank you' to three great friends..right? ^^;

I started this last week, and of course didn't get to finish it in time, so I decided as long as it's late anyway, I might as well take my time in completing it. I didn't draw out a detailed background because it would have taken way too long, plus it could distract from the foreground and the shading, and I didn't want to use a photo for the same reason(and because it just wouldn't be my own work). So I hope this color looks alright, I also played around a bit with a flower brush I found in MGI Photosuite. And of course I used my beloved computer shading again, because I missed it. Enjoy, and thanks for looking! =3

Lenore + drawing©myself
Tobias© +tobyf
Sylvana© *ChocolateCoveredLupe
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