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Island Sunset - :Commission:
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Island Sunset - :Commission:
(by Lenore, Dec 27, 2004)
Yay, another commission :dance: +tobyf's seal character is adorable, but because I've drawn him in all my pictures for him so far, this time I decided to try something different. So here we have Red Lynx, in anthro form(my only reference was [link]), because she was pretty and I need practice with anthros as well. She doesn't have the gold band on here, but I did include a bracelet and necklace, since they just seemed more fitting here. I'm pretty happy with this piece, as far as the character goes, but I think the background needs work. I'm not used to drawing backgrounds with pencils. =/ The feet also look funny to me. But at least the pose is possible(not all that comfortable, I realized once I finished, but possible). Oh, and there's some yellow-ish orange on her, and on the's just reflection from the sun. :aww:

And there are no clothes because they're annoying to draw...anthros don't really need them anyway, right? <.<

Red Lynx©
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