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Toby Animation
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Toby Animation
(by Nishi, Dec 27, 2004)
I still think I owe Sir Tobers for the subscription, I can't just let him do something like that and get nothing in return, sorry. ^^; I never ever get Toby's character to look good enough, so I figure an animation would be good practice, right? About 75 drawings of Toby and hopefully one of them will help me get to where I want to. X3 Though this probably doesn't look all that great, it's the first animation I made completely in OpenCanvas, and then copied into my animation program, so that's something new to me and it came out better than I expected. This's been sitting around for a while since late Septermber, so I figure I should try sending it now since my next picture'll be on Halloween, and I don't want to bombard ya'll with a bunch of my sturf, so yeah, just a little owance to Toby...

I bet at least one person will say something about the picture instead of the animation, thinking it's what I submitted... I just have a crazy feeling about it.

Tobias the seal belongs to +tobyf
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