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Friday 13th
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Friday 13th
(by Tobias, Jun 13, 2003)
In case you ever wondered why certain furries here always end up in a tree and why they can't even bake a decent cake - this is the most plausible and logical explaination you'll ever get ^.^ 
Well, I sure hope things did not turn out too bad and everyone will have (or already had) an enjoyable Friday 13th. Just stay away from black cats, ladders, don't spill salt, open your umbrella outside the house only, be careful with the mirrors and you'll be just fine.  
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Jun 27, 2007 
The only thing I love about Friday the Thirteenth is that you can creep all of your friends out. >D

I actually like black cats. Their as cuddle-able as any other feline, although the floofy cats don't have that much competition now a days. xP
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