"A very nice cold place" by Marwan Mohd Zahari

Yay .. a visitor at the south pole .. and a rare one at that too ..

Meet Zanoma, a green fellow with huge ears and a long tail, paying Tobias a visit in his home world at the South Pole -- even though he's not quite comfortable with this cold environment yet, sooo ..

.. this is us again, this time in a little more comfy situation, drinking tea and being wrapped up in blankets, at least until Zanoma adapts to the cold temperatures around here ^.^

and .. last but not least ..

.. this is Tobias visiting Zanoma at his home.

PS.: An art trade by coincidence: I drew a picture and Zanoma drew a picture, both of us not knowing that the other one drew a picture as well.

I have scaled down the picture as usual, to view it full size along with a lot more of Zanoma's art, just have a look at his site on deviantArt.
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