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Beach Volleyball In Antarctica
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Beach Volleyball In Antarctica
(by Kazzi-Kins, Oct 7, 2005)
It's a picceh omg look!! ;P -spazzes- I finally completed and uploaded something. xD Well, everyone seemed to want fanart on that poll, so... we'll see... It'll give me something to do over the holidays at least. ^^

Anyways, this was a random idea that came to me when I was bored in class. I was just scribbling a pic of [Tobias], because seals are cute and fun to draw, and it kinda... morphed into what a game of volleyball would look like in his native habitat. xD Ya know, I actually think that I -AM- getting better at backgrounds!! :D Slowly. ^^;

Thanks for looking/commenting/faving ect. ^^ Oh, and please full view!
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