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(by Tobias, Apr 8, 2007)
Just to have a quick way to leave messages here X3
Apr 8, 2007 
You probably noticed that the zone server crashed X3 Took them 20 minutes to get it back up, and when it was back up Dracula *was* there, but with full HP ;P

I kinda solo'ed him (save for a knight stopping by and magnum breaking the ice wall, just to be sent back running by drac - I mean, seriously, I don't have two layers of ice wall there for nothing - what does he expect to be on the other side? A poring? <.<), which took an hour or so (mostly because for 30 minutes, I just SGed him and then decided to go back to buy BGs), got me halfway through level 83 (3mill exp) and almost to the next job level.

You might want to check whether the sunglasses are still there, since we were trading when the zone server crashed, they *may* be gone, in which case either you or I will need to file a support ticket to get them back.

Gave robby's wedding veil to mel X3 Don't take it back, she wants to give it to you X3
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