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(by Tobias, Jun 8, 2007)
Just a little drawing for a very sweet little friend who means a lot to me, and who I would just love to do with what it shows in the picture - spending our day together, all by ourselves, in our very own place, where you don't know what's prettier to watch; the relaxing nature of the scenery itself, or the gracefulness of your friend, who is enjoying the moment with you.

Toby is © himself, the little fox girl in the kimono is Akiko, who is © Libby.
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Jun 8, 2007 
As usual, a simply stunning picture filled with emotion. Toby and Akiko must be so happy to finally find such a wonderful place in which one can almost jump right into the beautiful, natural landscaping.

I ecspecially like the tendrils of flowers hanging from the trees, and the raspberry bush in the corner. Is that your pond from the colouring pictures in the background? O:
Jun 8, 2007 
Thank you n.n Actually, you have to ask that Libby, she did the background and sketched the bridge of the other drawing in the "colouring pages" section - but yeah, I would assume it is ^-^

*hugs* Thanks for the comments, much appreciated <3
Jan 12, 2008 
Wow, your description sounds like something many times better than whatever I could possibly come up with. Really, the thoughts behind this picture shows that plenty of love and care went into making this, and what better way to show that than illustrating such warm feelings? The concepts behind the scene are very nicely drawn and is quite a relaxing thing to gaze at. Despite the words you've typed up, I'm sure the picture does a nice job of speaking for itself. ^^ Very well done overall. I trust you'll cherish this for quite a long time. :)
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