User Manual
(by Tobias, Sep 26, 2010)
  • You can move around either using your mouse, or your keyboard.
  • Mouse: Click where you want to go. Your character will jump over small gaps by itself.
  • Keyboard: Use your left-arrow key or "A" to walk left, and your right-arrow key or "D" to walk right. Press your down-arrow key or "S" to walk or drop down to a lower platform.
  • Jumping: Press your space bar, your up-arrow key, or "W" to jump. If you are walking when you jump, you jump in the direction you were walking in, otherwise you jump straight up.
  • Jumping Down and Falling: If you walk over a ledge, you fall down. You can also press your down-arrow key, or "S", or click with your mouse to drop downwards. Careful: If you fall from a high ledge, you will take damage from falling.
  • Sitting: Press your "X" key to sit down and to stand up.

  • The game world is divided into a vast number of maps for you to explore. You can get from one map to the next by stepping on the blue portals. Your character will enter portals that are at the edge of the screen automatically, on portals that are in the middle of the map you need to press your jump key to enter them.
  • To make sure it won't get lost, your character carries a world map. Press "M" to look at it, or click on "Map" in the "Game" menu. Your character marks its own position with a star, and the positions of your friends and group members with a dot.
  • On the top right of your screen, you have a mini-map, which shows you the map you are currently in, and where you and your group members are. Portals are marked with orange dots.

  • To select a target for your abilities, you can press the 'E' key to cycle through nearby enemies, or 'Q' to cycle through nearby friends. If you hold down shift while pressing 'E' or 'Q', you cycle backwards. You can also click with your mouse to select a target directly.
  • Once you have a target, you can use any of your abilities on it by just pressing its hotkey.

  • Press your "R" key to pick up any nearby items on the map. You can also click an item with your mouse to do the same.
  • Your Bag: After you picked up an item, it's in your bag. You get to it by clicking on "Items" on the bottom right. There are three categories in your bag: The first one are consumable items, the second one equippable items, and the third one everything else.
  • Using Items: To use potions, food or similar items, simply double click them in your bag. You can also drag them into your hotkey bar on the top.
  • Equipping Items: To equip an item, double click it and your character will put it on. To take it off, click on "Equip" on the bottom left to see all items you have equipped. There, double click the item you want to take off.
  • Dropping Items: To drop an item you no longer need, drag it from your bag into the grass (or the rubble, depending on where you are!).
  • Shopping: When you come across a vendor that buys or sells wares, the shopping window will open automatically. There, drag items you want to buy from the stock into your shopping cart, and items you want to sell into your 'To Sell' list.

Skills and Abilities
  • Your Skill Book: The abilities that your character has can be found in your skill book, in the bottom left of your screen. The skill book has several tabs, and you can hover the different icons to see what each ability does, and what its cost is.
  • Every time you gain a level, you receive a skill point that you can use to unlock new skills in your skill book.
  • Hotkeys: On the top right, you will find a hotkey bar - seven boxes that you can put abilities and items into. These boxes correspond to the number keys 1-7 that you can press to use the ability or item in that box.
  • By default, the first hotkey (1) contains the skill "Auto-Attack", which keeps attacking your current target until you tell it to do something else.

  • Aside from players, the game world also contains a number of non-player characters. Hovering them with your mouse shows you their "name tag", which contains a lot of information at one glance:
  • Affiliation: Monsters with a green name are friendly towards you. They will not attack you, and you cannot attack them either. If they have "NPC" in their name tag, you can click them to talk to them. A monster with a yellow name is neutral towards you. It won't attack you, unless you give it a reason to (as in, you attack them, or you attack one of their friends). Monsters with a red name are hostile towards you, and they will attack you on sight.
  • Level: The level of a monster gives you a general idea of how difficult it is to defeat.
  • Class: Next to the level of a monster, the class will tell you what type of monster this is. Different types of monsters have different properties - for example, undead monsters are weak to light element spells.
  • Guardians: A special type of monster, guardians are usually found deep inside higher level dungeons (see "Dungeons" below). They are marked with "Guardian" below their level and class. The first time you hover them with your mouse, your game client will display a warning that you are about to attack one of these monsters. Guardians are significantly harder to defeat than their level would indicate, and will likely require several players to take down. A number of game play elements are different compared to normal monsters:
    • Any effects that would incapacitate a guardian (such as stuns or freezes) will not work.
    • Most guardians cannot be knocked back by skills such as charge attack.
    • While you are fighting a guardian, you cannot leave the map, and no new players can enter the map.

  • Health: Your character's health points (HP) are shown in the top left. You lose health points by receiving damage from monsters, or, in some cases, the environment. Your health points regenerate automatically over time, when you aren't battling. Potions and food regenerate health points as well.
    If your health points are reduced to zero, your character is knocked out. Monsters that attacked you will reset, and return to where they were before. Clicking on 'Return to Town' will respawn you to the nearest safe map (with no aggressive monsters) from where you were. You don't lose any items, silver or experience.
  • Mana: Mana is used by your special abilities if you are a mage, or a priest. It will regenerate automatically when you are not fighting, and you can use mana potions and special food to quickly gain a mana boost as well.
  • Fury: Fury is used by your special abilities if you are a warrior. You primarily gain fury by attacking enemies.
  • Experience: Defeating monsters and completing quests awards you with experience, which can be seen in the bottom left as an "EXP" bar that gradually fills up. Once the bar is full, you gain a level, which gives you additional health points, allows you to unlock new abilities in your skill book, and assign new stats in your stat window. The maximum level in this test round is level 10.

  • Dungeons are special sections in the game world, containing stronger monsters and better loot. Portals that lead into a dungeon are red, instead of blue. Dungeons are created specifically for you and your group, so two groups can enter a dungeon without having to fight each other over the items that drop. Note that you need to be in a group with players that you want to go into a dungeon with: If you are not grouped, each player will be sent to their own dungeon (see "Grouping Up" below).

  • At the bottom of your screen, you'll find a chat box that you can use to chat with other players near you. This is the point of multi-player games, no? ;P
    You make your character say something by typing into the area at the bottom of the chat box and hitting enter. This can be heard by others close to you.
  • Whispering: To whisper another player, click their name in the chat log. To stop whispering them, clear their name from the "Send to" field in the bottom right. Whispering works across areas, so you can whisper another player even if they aren't close to where you are.
  • Party Chat: If you grouped up with other players, you can type "/p" to switch to party chat. Anything you chat can now only be seen by your group. This also works across area boundaries.
  • Emoticons: Emoticons are simple commands you can type into the chat box. They will show up as speech bubbles over your character's head: /! /? /^^; /sob /sing /hum /grr /lv /sun .
  • Grouping Up: To group up with another player, Control-Click (hold down your "Ctrl" key, and then click) their character and select "Invite". You might want to ask them first, so they know what they're being invited to. When grouped up, experience, loot you receive from monsters, and quest progress are shared. If you need a certain amount of items for a quest, every group member will receive a copy of that item when it drops. You receive a 25% experience bonus for being in a group.
  • Ignore List: This is a feature we never hope that it'll be needed, but if you never want to hear from another player again, you can place them on your ignore list. Control-Click their character and select 'Ignore', or type "/ignore theirname" in your chat box. You can also select "Report", which will, in addition to reporting, ignore them as well.
Jan 14, 2011 
Ok so how do we find the animals selling armor. I can't find anybody that sells them.
Jan 14, 2011 
Hiya Lauren,

Most of the better armor you can get in-game is dropped from mini-bosses and bosses in the dungeons. There are beginner dungeons, such as the Gnat Burrow (look at your world map), which don't require any armor and get you started.

You can also talk to Alyshia, in the village, who exchanges tokens that you get from harder quests (such as Treasure Hunt, or the fending off the spiders in the storeroom) and from completing quest chains (such as the quest chain at the East Caves) for armor. Erik, near the weapon shop, exchanges tokens for armor as well. ^^

Hope that helps!
Feb 13, 2011 
how do you get pets?
Feb 13, 2011 
Post deleted. -Toby

Feb 14, 2011 
Please, no Sockpuppeting. Once you picked a name, use that one. :)

Feb 14, 2011 

You can get a Baby Bluebell by completing:
- "A Cure for Stings" from Theo
- "Lost in the Forest" from the Baby Bluebell far east in the forest next to Theo's farm.

You can get a Spider by completing the quests in the Hollow Tree, which start at:
- "Fliffy Rescue" from Rain.

You can get a Bat by engaging the final in the Snow Plains of Midnight Mountain within 30 minutes of starting the dungeon, and then defeating it.

You can get a Tiny Santa Spirit by defeating the event boss during Christmas.

You can get a Fliffy (with bow!) by completing the Valentine's quests.

Take care,
Oct 27, 2011 
how do i change my user name or password?
Oct 28, 2011 
Hi Lisa,

Changing your password is a bit awkward - for now. I'll work on making it easier, but for now, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account, and select any character you made.
2. Once you are in-game, click "Logout" (on the top of your screen) and on "Switch Char.".
3. This will get you to a menu-like screen, which has a "Change Password" option. Either use your arrow keys to navigate to it and hit Enter, or double click the option.
4. Enter your new password, and you'll be all set!

To change your user- or character name, I need to contact you in-game. I'll do that whenever I see you online next.

Jan 17, 2012 
Yes i was about to logg in and then it brings up i need to update this thing.. uh i seriously do not know what to do so if you can get me back on cause this game is soo fun and i would like to get back on so i can do fun quest with my friends.and level up. thanks
Jan 17, 2012 
Click anywhere outside the game, and hit F5.
If that doesn't work, restart your computer.
If that still doesn't work after you restarted, clear your cache. ^-^

Hope that helps!
Mar 29, 2012 
why do the wild honeybees approach you with a heart over their heads??????
Mar 29, 2012 
They're just happy in general, being in the high plains. They do it every now and then; if they did it when you approached them, it was coincidence.
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