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Closest Friends..
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Closest Friends..
(by ChocolateCoveredLupe, Mar 12, 2004)
o_o I finished.My hands hurt. Mouse is not fun.

OKay anyways....
~ On The Balloon

Well She's a good person and nice to talk to.Plus she's a wonderful drawer

The bad things about her in this is that her front paws look a bit..iffy. Her left wing is a bit messed up. Hopefully she won't fall and land on Splash and Silver


~ On The Balloon

Toby's in here because he's a great person to talk to and is always happy (not that its a bad thing ) and makes you laugh.

I actully drew him on the Computer! go me His body and tail look just a bit weird, His face look a bit diffrent, but ya. If he falls he'll land on Lenore, who will crush Lolly who will crush me


~ On Top Of Lolly

Lenore's in here because she's a great person and....I wanted her to be in it

I like how she turned out...her hind legs just gave me some trouble.


~ Under Lenore

For Lolly since she is always hyper, another great person to talk to and she's a wonderful drawer ( YOU ARE DAMMIT @_@ )

I think her face looks to streched o.0


~ Next To The pile of People

For Splash because she's a fox, she's a great friend and SHE LOVES CHEESE

I think she turned out okay


I've known Silver longer than anyone here, I've met her when I was still on Neo . She's a great friend and whenever we talk its always crazy.

Her back leg's and tails kinda mess me up a bit


~Beside Silver

Pink is a great person and very sweet

Her face looks off :/


~Next to Pink

Toffie is in too because....She's just a great person

She looks okay to me


And Finally...

~ Next to Toffie

A great and crayz person

Her tail looks funky o_o


All the faces might be off and stuff , But its usally the thought that counts right?

for all ^_^
(Sylvana, ChocolateCoveredLupe)
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