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deviantArt Comment Application
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deviantArt Comment Application
(by Tobias, Mar 18, 2004)
Once started, this little tool remains half-transparent at the bottom of your screen, allowing you to easily comment on pictures, since you can completely see them and making reference to the different points in a very convenient way - without having to scroll back and forward when writing the comment, just because you would want to look at the picture again to see whether you're missing something or need some input for your comment.

The application works best if you use it completely with the keyboard: add it to your start menu, and give it an unique first letter - I use "Comment Box" for it .. you can then start it with Windows key and then "C" quickly whenever you need it .. the focus gets already set into the box, so you can start writing - if you want to scroll around within the browser, press alt+tab, scroll and then press art+tab again to return to the application (or start it again with windows key and "C" - it will realize that and just focus again).

Since the window is transparent, you can keep it started after you commented and just click on it whenever you want to leave another comment, or just exit it by hitting the escape key. when it's not being used, the window will become more transparent. Note that the transparency feature is only available on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Automatic backup of comments against accidentally deleting large amounts of text or pasting something wrong in there works, as well as a protection against closing the tool unintentionally without copying the text into the deviantArt comment box.
Mar 17, 2006 
Deffinatly an interesting idea, I may just give it a try.
When you mentioned the popup box I naturally thought of an openBrowserWindow kinda thing... no thanks.
This looks to be an improvment, but i dunno, seems a little messy.
Mar 17, 2006 
Naw, what I meant was more like EasyReply does it, you know? When you click "Reply", and that text field pops up. My suggestion is, that for actual comments this happens as well, just that the text box is right below the picture - no extra browser window, just like EasyReply. When using JavaScript, they can actually make it so the box scrolls with the window, so it'll always be at the bottom, over the picture, when you scroll up - kind of similar like I do it here: [Link]

And that's just the Comment Box I use while devArt doesn't do that. My suggestion to do that is two years old but it was never implemented, in which two years this little application was of great service ^-^ (I don't think it's messy - it's just a float-y transparent text box at the bottom of your screen. you can type text in there, and when you done copy it to devArt, and close the box with the Escape-key)
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