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Fan Art - Myo, yet again
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Fan Art - Myo, yet again
(by Tobias, Jun 5, 2003)

Life can be so easy when someone is stuck high up in a tree and you can fly: just help the poor fellow in need, bring him down to safety, earn fame and glory, be a hero and get printed in all local, national and international newspapers.

However, alas this doesn't always work.

Albeit there are, admittingly, certain objects and creatures which don't quite obey the physics laws - such as Superman, who can easily move trees and houses a dozen times his weight - others - such as bricks, rocks or a myotiss - generally do, causing Myo to fall down in a way that would make a stone turn green with envy.

The final outcome of this heroic deed is pretty obvious, mainly showing in two facts:

First - at least for the moment - noone is stuck in the tree anymore, and they both are on the ground again. Phew.
Second - the celebration for "the hero of the day" will most likely have to postponed for a couple of weeks; at least until both of them get discharged from the hospital again.

Myo is © Martin Gray.

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