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Surf's up
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Surf's up
(by Nishi, Jun 10, 2004)
A mix of repaying for the subscription (Even if it was in a contest and he says I don't owe him, but sorry Toby, I still think was real friendly of you ), wanting to finally have a decent picture of his character in my gallery (The others looked horrible, I wanted to redeem myself a bit but I dunno...), and I've been in the gift mood.

The lines took since my last deviation (About), but the background (For the most part) only took a couple of hours. Maybe there should've been more ripples in the water because of the board and all, but I wasn't too sure. And the boats and water coming off them look pretty not-so-good IMO. Dock/pier wasn't my best work either, but the ocean and the wave came out a lot better than I had expected.... Eh, if anyone wants they can point out anything I was too lazy to mention.

I couldn't decide between having the eyes the way Toby has them or my own way, DP said it looked better normal, but the line art looked cute for having them like Toby does... so I tried that out... not too sure which one I like better now though.

But yeah... summer's here... for most everyone else.

Tobias is © +tobyf
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