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OC Antics
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OC Antics
(by Koshi, Jun 10, 2004)
Toby Toby, pudding and pie,
Ate all the fish blow dried? n___n*

Yus...tons of fun with OC! n_n Oo...teh COLOUR BLEEDING! Hehe, I'm still trying to achieve some techniques and such in there, and my first subject for experimentation was +tobyf...hehe, he was my guinea pig, shall we say? <=] Also, he was the only character which first came to mind as being a fluffy and...well...quite simplistic to draw. (as in, hes not got loads of accessories and stuff...I do in fact find him quite difficult to draw. ) But anyways...I think the overall mission was Chibi + Floof.

Toby © +tobyf
P.S And I realise the sweat drop is was supposed to be like that. n_n
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