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Fan Art - What? No Fish?
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Fan Art - What? No Fish?
(by Tobias, Jun 23, 2003)
Yay! A fellow Austrian on deviantArt! This is for tehcutiepie, who I got to know yesterday (the pink little dragon is supposed to be Bub (from Bubble Bobble) .. but .. well .. in pink ^.^  
There isn't much to say about this picture .. Tobias is welcoming her, but unfortunately she doesn't like fish, leaving poor Tobias (who is exaggerating, as usual) all puzzled and confused (since catching fish is what seals are actually good in ^.^).  
Cutie is © tehcutiepie.  
Jun 23, 2003 
OMG! XD Thanks so much! You need a gazillion huggles for that! 
WHAT?! NO FISH? Whale?  
LOL! XD Thanks again!
Serena Ann Pitre
Jul 4, 2003 
Awww, Such A Nice Welcome For Tehcutiepie. Even Though She Doesn't Like Fish, It Was Still A Very Cute Welcome For Her. What I Dun Get Is - How Can She Not Like Fish? When It's Cooked With Spices And Suches Like That, It's Delicious! You Know, You're Missing Out, Tehcutiepie =^_^=

- Serena The Kitty ~ Blaze The Hedgie
~Local Singer
~Knower Of Japanese

I tried to convince her, Serena, but this little pink dragon can be quite stubborn *laughs* really, cutie, you should try, you don't know what you're missing! >(^.^)<
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