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Know Geggis?
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Know Geggis?
(by Tobias, Jul 27, 2003)

Can you hate someone without having actually ever met him or her? You can - afraid so!

This is what the story is about (i found the book today, whilst playing with my sister) .. basically, there are two kinds of Geggis, red ones and green ones, very kind and nice creatures, one part of them living in the hills and mountains and the other part living in the waters and swamps.
Noone of them has ever met one of the other kind, yet they hate each other, just from hearing the horror-stories the elder ones tell to the kids.

The story (by Mira Lobe and Susi Weigel) is written very well, with cute pictures of the so-called Geggis.

You can find it at Amazon, the book's ISBN is 3702655840.

Quote from the cover / Zitat vom Buchrücken:

Bist du vielleicht ein neugierig's Kind
und wüsstest gern, wer die Geggis sind?

In kurzen Worten:
Es gibt zwei Sorten:

Felsgeggis sind rot, können klettern und klimmen;
Sumpfgeggis sind grün, können tauchen und schwimmen.

Im nächtlichen Dunkel kann man die beiden kaum unterscheiden.
Doch können die beiden einander nicht leiden!
Und weil sie sich stets aus dem Wege gehn,
hat keiner den andern jemals geseh'n.

This picture shows Gil, a Swamp-Geggi, drawn with watercolor pencils (i like the german 'Aquarellierbare Farbstifte' better, since it sounds cool), the dark-blue background was added on the computer, since i'm running out of blue colour ^.^

Supa Kat
Aug 3, 2003 
^_^ I love how cute it looks :D Awesome job
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