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In Control
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In Control
(by Tobias, Jun 29, 2003)
Uhm .. where should I start? This is part two of our fishing excursion .. together with Serena The Kitty (not only catching boots, but also big evil fish ^.^) Tobias (having a hard time to get a hold on his fish) and Myo (who probably much rather would ride a rattlesnake, but seems to be quite content here too, even though riding a whale or a shark would probably give him even more of an ego-boost; yet it's hard to believe that this little bat can be even more convinced of himself than he already is.)

Now then .. this picture does serve an actual purpose - except for showing how good we're all at fishing - namely to convince chelskie that I can't draw backgrounds either. See, Chelskie? I can't.

One good deed a day, you know ^.^ And if this fish doesn't escape me, I'd be glad to let you have it .. in that case this would mean I even did two good deeds .. wow! I guess I should really join the pathfinders.

Oh, and Myo is © Martin Gray.
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