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Summer Time
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Summer Time
(by Tobias, Jul 26, 2003)

Since Zanoma made his way all down to the cold of the South Pole, I thought I might just visit him as well, getting out of the darkness (yes, still polar night) and enjoying the hot summer sun..

.. kind of. Right now we're having 35°C (which ought to be something close to 95°F, if I recall right) in Austria and even this is a bit too hot for this little seal, who is mainly lying around somewhere in the shadow, in the pool and drinking pretty much everything that starts with "Ice-" (ergo Ice-Tea, Ice-Coffee - mind the hyphen - Eristoff Ice does not fall into that category ^.^).

Zanoma is © Marwan Mohd Zahari.

The picture is a little on the wide side, I know. Sorry for that, but I already scaled it down a lot (the source file has around 2200x1000 pixels) and didn't want to make it even smaller.
Apr 29, 2006 
aww, poor toby^^
I know how you feel-.-
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