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Written by Tobias on Aug 6, 2005
Hehe, oh, so you're having an exploding binder? ;P I just put the really old ones in some supermarket plastic bag, and keep them there, the newer ones I usually sort by whether I plan to scan them, change them, finish them or try them again or such - it works pretty well, really (even though the really old ones aren't a very interesting sight anymore at all) ;P

Hehe, that's true. Even though, for Tobias pretty much one of the first pictures I have of him (this one) I scanned already anyhow ;P How about old skool Phiyrr - what character did you start off with?

Yup yup, it is - and actually, if you try and start giving critiques on others work, that helps too, because it makes you find mistakes on your own drawings more easily as well ^-^

Mwahaha, naw, neverrrr X3 Oh, and thanks - actually they would know I'm from Austria, as soon as they hear me actually speaking English ;)

Aug 7, 2005 
Heheh. I even collect pictures from other artists to study them in my binder. Ancient, brown papered ones are in the back. But it's still nice to look back on the oldies, no? ;D

Well, as you know I started with a fox. Not much differetn from the last Phiyrr before 'raccoon-ification,' except a more tan color:

Yes, though sometimes, like in my school friend's artwork, it's kinda hard to not hurt their feelings. D;

But you do try, right? ^___^

Well, my friends in Poland say I have an English accent and don't understand me, but my friends in America say vice versa. So I'm wholly imported from China. XD
Aug 8, 2005 
Same for me, actually, especially when I draw their character, I use them as reference and to practice drawing it before making the actual drawing =3 Yup, it is nice to look at the old ones too, not only allowing one to see how far they've come since then, but also since even old drawings usually offer plenty of inspiration, and often have nice stories behind them =3

Oh, I see ^-^ I actually missed that one, buuut you're right, it's pretty similar, still, your current one is a lot more detailed and gives me a better idea of your character too ^-^

I know, it's not easy to be critiquing a good friend, especially if you don't want to seem rude or such ^^; But as long as you avoid saying "that looks bad" and rather say "you could try doing that and that and see what it looks like", I don't think you'll have a lot to worry about .. if anything, it's encouraging to try it out and get better X3

Hehe, of course I do ;3

Sounds fun - so, can you speak English better than Polish, or vice versa? How long did you stay in the US, and how long in Poland? Just being curious, you know =3
Aug 10, 2005 
Aye, though, most print-outs I use to improve my drawing. Mostly atanomy, since I usually have great fun drawing freelance and without all the straight lines. :P

Well, that was just a small ID that I used for only two or three days and all. Nothing much. And it was before I learned to draw canine faces as well. XD

Aye, it is, it is. ;D

Well, actually, I speak English better than Polish. But half my life is actually spent in Poland, though schooling is in America. ^___^
Aug 14, 2005 
Oh, that's a good way to do it as well, I know I do sometimes use photos as reference when I'm unsure about how to draw something ^-^ Even though, most of the time it's me trying to draw someone else's character, so I'd print the reference sheet, and practice drawing it, until I'm more confident, then I'd go for the actual drawing ^-^

Oh, that makes sense ^-^ The one with the fox I think you have the longest now, right? The canine faces you draw look all fine now .. I would say you could work on propostions and anatomy now, but at least from what I can see from your raccoon ID, you're doing quite well on that already too ^-^

Hehe, so you're actually American? I thought you mostly lived in Poland, and took classes there too .. aaand kind of wondered how you're that good in English already X3
By the way, I met a student here yesterday, and guess where she's from? Poland ;P
Aug 18, 2005 
Aye, aye. Though usually, I go first for the real drawing, and erase and re-do about a million times. But when I scan it into the computer, all the eraser marks are gone. XD

Awr, thanks. May you have a hug. <33

Yep, I've had my fox character for as long as I remember, though I changed it due to no longer liking it, as it became too hard to draw and all. And the raccoon fits my fursona on Furcadia, so it was a bit easier for me to draw for both at the same time, then individually drawing a fox and a raccoon.

Aye, atanomy is a thing I've been working on now, though I've been drawing more cats now. Canines still give me a bit more effort, ecspecially on eye postioning, but it all comes together in the end. ;D

Well, my parents are both Polish, and we speak Polish at home and all, so it's like having Poland in America. But my mom says that next year she might send me to one of those schools in Poland that teach in English, soooo, then I will be located in Poland. ;P

Really? That's cool. It's not everyday you come accross a person from a country of someone that you know. ^___^
Aug 20, 2005 
Yup yup, that's how I do it as well, just that if I go and erase too often, unless I'm already almost done with the picture, I'd just start it over (especially at the beginning) .. the second one tends to turn out better than the first one ^-^

Oh, that makes sense .. and of course it is easier if you just have to draw one character .. plus it allows you to concentrate on just that one, and think of a great story behind it, no?

Nooo idea whether cats are much easier, I think it depends on how you draw them. I'd just say, draw whatever you like to draw, and you'd get better automatically ^-^ That's how I do it ;)

I thought you'd speak Polish when being at home, buuuut your English is really good as well, especially for your age, you know? (even though you dooooo make a couple of typos, but so do I)
Hehe, I could come to Poland and visit .. oooor you come to Austria .. it's pretty close after all, isn't it? ;3

Aug 22, 2005 
Aye, it's the same with me, though I tend to erase the parts that were actually the best by accident. ;P

Oh yes. Though the story isn't that great really. Just a labortory experiment and all and that's how I came about. <3

Heheh. Well, you're right. ;D

Thanks. You're english is great, too, as I've said a couple times before, and since you don't have that many people to speak english too and all, it's actually amazing how you learned. Though my parents would masaccre me to go out anywhere 'cept Poland and America. T___T
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