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Written by Tobias on Aug 20, 2005
Yup yup, that's how I do it as well, just that if I go and erase too often, unless I'm already almost done with the picture, I'd just start it over (especially at the beginning) .. the second one tends to turn out better than the first one ^-^

Oh, that makes sense .. and of course it is easier if you just have to draw one character .. plus it allows you to concentrate on just that one, and think of a great story behind it, no?

Nooo idea whether cats are much easier, I think it depends on how you draw them. I'd just say, draw whatever you like to draw, and you'd get better automatically ^-^ That's how I do it ;)

I thought you'd speak Polish when being at home, buuuut your English is really good as well, especially for your age, you know? (even though you dooooo make a couple of typos, but so do I)
Hehe, I could come to Poland and visit .. oooor you come to Austria .. it's pretty close after all, isn't it? ;3

Aug 22, 2005 
Aye, it's the same with me, though I tend to erase the parts that were actually the best by accident. ;P

Oh yes. Though the story isn't that great really. Just a labortory experiment and all and that's how I came about. <3

Heheh. Well, you're right. ;D

Thanks. You're english is great, too, as I've said a couple times before, and since you don't have that many people to speak english too and all, it's actually amazing how you learned. Though my parents would masaccre me to go out anywhere 'cept Poland and America. T___T
Sep 2, 2005 
Hehe, happens too me sometimes as well, buuut usually, if I see it's not going to turn out, I usually just start over right next to it, usually it turns out better than before (and even when you're done with sketching something out, you can always try again and see whether the next one turns out even better - it can't get worse, right? after all, you already have a really good sketch ^-^ )

Oh, an experiment? .. what kind of experiment? ^^

Aww, thanks ^-^ Actually, right now I'm having a lot of people around me that speak English, since I'm in that exchange program thingy. Even the classes are English! Like maths - ever heard of jointly distributed mass function of random variables? X3 They would? Too bad ;_; Though, they could come along and you'd all go liiiike skiing? There are quite a few very nice places to go to, actually ^-^

(oh, and sorry for taking so long .. it's been quite a busy week, and time kind of just flew by ^^; )
Sep 10, 2005 
Awr. Well, yep, pictures always turn out great in the end. <3

Cloning experiment. Nothing special, but the raccoon died in the end, and Phiyrr got ability to talk like humans. ;O

Well, at least have fun in the exchange program. Geez, even though I'm Polish, I wouldn't make a day at a Polish school, so I hope you're doing well. And no, never heard of such a thing, 'cept for the variable word. What grade do you attend at your English school? I'm in seventh, and that kinda freaks me out. But sking is a biggy in the US, and I love the zoos. XD

(I too need to apologize. School started, and I had a ton of homework to get off my back. </3)
Sep 11, 2005 
Hehe, yup yup, they do - at least most of them, sooome could come out a little better, but then I just try again ^-^ Besides, I was told one needs to draw a few quick sketches just to "warm up", before drawing an actual good looking sketch, you know? ^-^

Ooh, I see .. poor raccoon though ;_;

Yush yush, I am ^-^ Though maths is a little difficult, buuut I'll try my best to get everything done there as well ;3 Aww, you couldn't? How come? I'm sure you'd understand pretty much everything of it juuuust fine and get all good scores ^-^ Hmm, grade? Weeell, I seem to be a senior, they say .. sooo .. I guess I'm in senior grade? ;P

Heh, I was told there are a few nice places to ski in the US, aaand I'll probably visit one or two, but I think I like Austria a lot when it comes to skiing ^-^

(no need to apologize - it's the same for everyone, right? I have juust as much homework, alas ^^; Are you in the US again now? )
Oct 1, 2005 
Aye. Usually I have to do my drawings on a timed interval, since my mom will think I’m donig my homework to long (teehee) or the drawing keeps me up half the night. --;

But warm-up sketches are a good idea, I have to try that. :3

Eh, well at least Phiyrr the raccoon go her memory deleted before escaping the lab. :O

Naw, they don't teach that yet, but I try and get A+ with the dreaded A. But it makes me shudder, though, to think that yuou're doing those kind of math problems. So, if you're a senior, you're in elventh grade. One more year, and than you'll be going to college, right? ^-^

Well I was thinkgni of that, too. Are there a lot of goats in the mountains inofby on your skis, and suddenly you see this goat pop out out of nowhere. I woudl be very surprised. :D

(Yes, I'm in the US, but the school holiday's are coming, so I'm going to be online more. :P)
Oct 2, 2005 
Oh, I see X3 Noooow I know what you actually do when you saw you're doing your homework. <.< I usually draw late in the evening, oor if I have holidays, ooor on weekends, I'd also draw in the morning. It really depends .. aaand every now and then I do a little break where I'd do homework and stuff, and then return to drawing ^-^

Yush yush, they are .. and sometimes they turn out well too, buuut in case they don't, they're just warm up sketches after all ;3

Aww, lucky her ;P Hopefully she remembers enough so she doesn't get caught again ^^;

Oh yeees, fear Math problems X3 They're worse than Phiyrr's lab, and you can't avoid getting them either ;P I guess I'm in eleventh grade, we have a little different system in Austria (we only have eight grades), but I think in the US school it would be either my junior or my senior year .. probably something in between .. I think. ;P It's confusing X3

Hehe, noot sure whether goats would be out there in the field if it's cold and snowing .. they much rather prefer a warm place, sooo I don't think you'll have to worry about them ^^ We do have snow-rabbits though, and some kinds of deers, but they stay far away from the slopes, and usually you just see their tracks in the snow, that's all ^-^

Oh really? *-* What kind of holidays, maybe I have them too, mwahaha X3 Can't wait for them, in any case ;P
Nov 6, 2005 
Heheheh, yep, that's what I do. Su~ Sometimes I draw at school, too, before homeroom, but usually I spend my time decoding Artemis Fowl books. So ya, it's basically the same thing you do, except I bet you have more time because of holidays. <3

Yep. Sometimes I get stressed out though, if my warm-up sketch isn't really that good, since I'm sort of a perfectionist in a couple of ways. I always use a ruler to draw lines. ^-^;;

Yep, yep, she'll remember. But the scientists are all burned to a crisp by now. XD

Oh yes, all our life we'll be tortured by math, unless of course we become a hermit, but what would be the fun in that? ;P Luckee for you you got eight years of school. I have twelve. D;

But still, don't worry, I don't know all the names of the high school grades myself, and I've been swimming with high school kids for the last two year. -___-;;

He he, though I would at least hug one if I saw one skiing, I think goats are so cute. And so are seals. :3

But snow-rabbits are awesome, and dear, but at least I would snap a picture if I went of the slope, no? :D

Well, since it's been quite a time, the next to upcoming holidays are Voting Day and Veteran's Day. Two days without schoo. <33333
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