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Written by Tobias on Aug 23, 2005
wunderful? *giggles* sounds like a mixture of German and English, since we'd say wundervoll .. pretty similar, no? X3

Anyhow, thanks for your critique .. I don't really want to make it too bright, maybe a bit brighter would make an interesting effect, I'll keep that in mind for the next drawing ^-^ Oh, and you're right about the fingers, they were all faint and not really drawn out, soooo I changed them a little, it is better now? ^-^

Take care, and thank you again <3

Aug 26, 2005 
Aye. But it's just me playing with styles, as usual. ^___^

Aye, aye, can see them as clear as daylight. And it really is no problem. I do it out of sheer pleasure. <3

Kri hugs.
Sep 2, 2005 
Aww. And I thought you'd start speaking German with me now ;3

Hehe, yay ^-^ Glad they look better now, and thanks again for all your help ^-^

Kri? ;3
Sep 10, 2005 
Awr, I would try, but then you wouldn't understand. XD

Not a problem. It wasn't really much, really. ;D

Neopets persona. Couldn't say Phiyrr cause my lenny already had the name and I RPed with it. >-<

Toby has neopets accoung? :O
Sep 11, 2005 
Aww, too bad ;) Even though I can imagine it would sound fun, hearing you in German ^^

Phew, good to hear .. still, it was looking odd, aaand I prefer the way it is now ;3

Oooh, I see ^-^ Hehe, you sure have creative names for your pets ^^

Yush yush, he has ^-^ Buuuut he's barely on it anymore ^^;
Oct 1, 2005 
He, I could try, and I might start taking lessons in German language in high school, so maybe in three years. Then I could understand what you're saying, not that I don't. >:D

Aye. <3

Eh, not really. I just bang my head on my keyboard and see what comes out. It's really funny some times, the names I get. But thanks. XD

Awr. I would of gone to visit and all. D;
Oct 2, 2005 
Phiyrrrrrrrrr .. where have you been? ^^

Yup yup, you could. Even though, most learn Spanish and only very little German from what I've seen ^-^

Hehe, that's an unique way to get names for your pets. ;P Hmmm, I might try that too .. *aehm* .. Fcjwmp.
Fcjwmp? Odd name ;P But I guess it works X3

(not that I actually banged my head on the keyboard, I just closed my eyes and randomly hit a few keys X3 )
Nov 8, 2005 
School, more school, and after that swimming. I've had loads of stuff to do, and my do I just love to see my comments grow. -____-;;

Ya, and I think that German would be pretty nice to know, too, since Poland is right next to Germany and all, and then I could actually understand what my cousin was saying when buying food. (She's not German, but learned German in school.) ^-^

Heh, not really, sometimes my head hurts a lot after I smack it, and sometimes I cheat, too. Fcjwmp, you say? Well, I usually also turn it around and polish it into something much more prounounceable, such as Felinjwimpii. There you go, a jungle name for a jungle character. ;D

(Hehe, I guess that works just the same. <3)
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