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Written by Tobias on Sep 3, 2005
Hehe, sure, iiiit'd be an honour to know you'd have a print of it ^-^ And nope, I definitely wouldn't want you to buy it yourself (I might just put a huuuge number in the price field to make sure you wouldn't, actually ;3 ), since I wouldn't want my friends to pay something just to have a drawing of mine, you know what I mean? ^^; Oh, and yup, you can have it, if you like .. eeeeven though you might need to wait until I'm in Austria again, because that's where the original picture is ;3

Yup yup, you were the very first one, even before I put it on devArt, along with Phiyrr ^^ And I kind of like sweet food from time to time, juuust cupcakes are a little too sweet ^^ *puts them in a package and sends them off to Lolly* >3
Sep 19, 2005 
Thanks a bunch for the picture Toby! ^-^ Now I have a piece of your art, and I'll neevr let out of it. =DD I totally didn't expect to actually get the picture either. ^_^ My parents say youre an awsome artist! XD
Sep 20, 2005 
*blushes* Thank you .. buuuut so are you, you know? ^-^ You're very much welcome for the picture aaand I'm definitely glad you like it .. did you already do the puzzle? ;3
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