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Written by Phiyrr on Sep 10, 2005
Awr. Well, yep, pictures always turn out great in the end. <3

Cloning experiment. Nothing special, but the raccoon died in the end, and Phiyrr got ability to talk like humans. ;O

Well, at least have fun in the exchange program. Geez, even though I'm Polish, I wouldn't make a day at a Polish school, so I hope you're doing well. And no, never heard of such a thing, 'cept for the variable word. What grade do you attend at your English school? I'm in seventh, and that kinda freaks me out. But sking is a biggy in the US, and I love the zoos. XD

(I too need to apologize. School started, and I had a ton of homework to get off my back. </3)
Sep 11, 2005 
Hehe, yup yup, they do - at least most of them, sooome could come out a little better, but then I just try again ^-^ Besides, I was told one needs to draw a few quick sketches just to "warm up", before drawing an actual good looking sketch, you know? ^-^

Ooh, I see .. poor raccoon though ;_;

Yush yush, I am ^-^ Though maths is a little difficult, buuut I'll try my best to get everything done there as well ;3 Aww, you couldn't? How come? I'm sure you'd understand pretty much everything of it juuuust fine and get all good scores ^-^ Hmm, grade? Weeell, I seem to be a senior, they say .. sooo .. I guess I'm in senior grade? ;P

Heh, I was told there are a few nice places to ski in the US, aaand I'll probably visit one or two, but I think I like Austria a lot when it comes to skiing ^-^

(no need to apologize - it's the same for everyone, right? I have juust as much homework, alas ^^; Are you in the US again now? )
Oct 1, 2005 
Aye. Usually I have to do my drawings on a timed interval, since my mom will think I’m donig my homework to long (teehee) or the drawing keeps me up half the night. --;

But warm-up sketches are a good idea, I have to try that. :3

Eh, well at least Phiyrr the raccoon go her memory deleted before escaping the lab. :O

Naw, they don't teach that yet, but I try and get A+ with the dreaded A. But it makes me shudder, though, to think that yuou're doing those kind of math problems. So, if you're a senior, you're in elventh grade. One more year, and than you'll be going to college, right? ^-^

Well I was thinkgni of that, too. Are there a lot of goats in the mountains inofby on your skis, and suddenly you see this goat pop out out of nowhere. I woudl be very surprised. :D

(Yes, I'm in the US, but the school holiday's are coming, so I'm going to be online more. :P)
Oct 2, 2005 
Oh, I see X3 Noooow I know what you actually do when you saw you're doing your homework. <.< I usually draw late in the evening, oor if I have holidays, ooor on weekends, I'd also draw in the morning. It really depends .. aaand every now and then I do a little break where I'd do homework and stuff, and then return to drawing ^-^

Yush yush, they are .. and sometimes they turn out well too, buuut in case they don't, they're just warm up sketches after all ;3

Aww, lucky her ;P Hopefully she remembers enough so she doesn't get caught again ^^;

Oh yeees, fear Math problems X3 They're worse than Phiyrr's lab, and you can't avoid getting them either ;P I guess I'm in eleventh grade, we have a little different system in Austria (we only have eight grades), but I think in the US school it would be either my junior or my senior year .. probably something in between .. I think. ;P It's confusing X3

Hehe, noot sure whether goats would be out there in the field if it's cold and snowing .. they much rather prefer a warm place, sooo I don't think you'll have to worry about them ^^ We do have snow-rabbits though, and some kinds of deers, but they stay far away from the slopes, and usually you just see their tracks in the snow, that's all ^-^

Oh really? *-* What kind of holidays, maybe I have them too, mwahaha X3 Can't wait for them, in any case ;P
Nov 6, 2005 
Heheheh, yep, that's what I do. Su~ Sometimes I draw at school, too, before homeroom, but usually I spend my time decoding Artemis Fowl books. So ya, it's basically the same thing you do, except I bet you have more time because of holidays. <3

Yep. Sometimes I get stressed out though, if my warm-up sketch isn't really that good, since I'm sort of a perfectionist in a couple of ways. I always use a ruler to draw lines. ^-^;;

Yep, yep, she'll remember. But the scientists are all burned to a crisp by now. XD

Oh yes, all our life we'll be tortured by math, unless of course we become a hermit, but what would be the fun in that? ;P Luckee for you you got eight years of school. I have twelve. D;

But still, don't worry, I don't know all the names of the high school grades myself, and I've been swimming with high school kids for the last two year. -___-;;

He he, though I would at least hug one if I saw one skiing, I think goats are so cute. And so are seals. :3

But snow-rabbits are awesome, and dear, but at least I would snap a picture if I went of the slope, no? :D

Well, since it's been quite a time, the next to upcoming holidays are Voting Day and Veteran's Day. Two days without schoo. <33333
Nov 6, 2005 
Oh, right now I have as little holidays as you have (provided you're back in the US again, if so .. where in the US are you? Just curious how near or far away you are, that's all ;P ). I really wished they'd have more holidays here - the only "bigger" holidays we have is Thanksgiving - and that's not even a week! And I can't just ditch school and travel around, my teachers would complain really bad ^^; Artemis Fowl? I've never heard of that, I mostly know German books - Franz Kafka, but also Goethe, that's more or less what we usually read (and enjoy reading those too ^-^ ). Apart from that, fairy tales or stories from loong long ago float my boat too, I've read Jurassic Park and the Neverending Story when I was little, together with heaps of stories from Grimm and was fascinated by them. ^-^

Yeah, same here, but I don't worry too much about it - if I notice at the beginning already that I start spending a lot of time on it and that it's not turning out just right, I merely start over and try again ;3 Hehe, I don't even think I have a ruler anywhere near - just a wooden one that's awkward to draw with ^^ Usually when I try to get straight lines, I just .. dunno, scribble and hope they turn out roughly straight ;P

Weeeell, at least as a hermit, you'd get to live in a new house every now and then, and each new house gets bigger than your last one ^-^ Plus you get to enjoy the colourful ocean - just be careful not to be eaten ^^; Oh, and I have twelve years of school too - we just number them differently, after we arrive at four, we start with one again the next year ;P No idea why, though - probably because the first four years are still elementary school ^-^
If you're in your third year, I think you're a junior? Not sure though, I'm not that good with the names either ^^;

Eeeh, I dooon't know whether the goat would enjoy you suddenly rushing to it from out of the blue and hug it .. you might scare it, and then it might give you a free flight down the mountain! X.x But you can feed them with grass and all that in summer, they really like that, and are all calm too, hehe ^-^ Aaaand you must be extra-lucky to see a snow rabbit, I don't think I have ever seen one before, just the tracks, that's all ;_; I'd snap a picture for sure - if I didn't forget the photo-camera again ;P No matter where I go, whenever I think "whoa, that'd make a good picture", I don't have a camera with me ^^;

Voting Day and Veteran's Day? No school? Yay! Hopefully they have it here too *-*

Viva le vacanze! ^-^
Nov 24, 2005 
Right now, in the US, I'm near New York and stuff, so yep, I've got the same holdiays. And Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so I'm really spazzed. I mean, I just love the food. And don't worry, there are more holiday's in America, like Christmas/Hannukah, and New Years, and Valentines, and Fourth of July, so it's not really that bad. It's just that Thanksgiving is the next holiday, that's all. Oh yes, ditching school is bad enough. ;P

Yes, Artemis Fowl, I think you can find some on the library in the US. Heheh, I've never heard of those books, but maybe I'll learn German and read them...someday. XD But Jurrasic Park rocks, and it's sequel, the Lost World, and Grimm is almost the basis of all fairy tales, though the originals are a bit violent for little kids. ;O

Yes, yes, it's just short lines I can do straight, but longer, it just doesn't go. D; But with my trusty rusty ruler by my side, I can do anything. <3

Yay! Hermitness. And maybe as a hermit there could be some woods and some animal communication. Happy for nature, ya know? ;3 Aha, I would be happy with just eight years of education, but still, it's counted differently in every country, no? Like in Poland, elementary school is counted up to sixth grade. ^-^

Free flight. Wheeeee, that would be fun, ecspecially with a trampoline. Hug, fly, bounce up, hug, fly, bounce up, and you get the deal. XD Oh, it'd be just like in a petting zoo, too. Snow bunneh. But if you ever get a picture of one, can you post it up? I've never seen one. ;D But yes, I know what you mean, ecspecially when there's some moving thing that I might not be able to see again. D;
Nov 26, 2005 
Hehe, yush, you're right, but still, there seems to be sooo much school between the holidays - even Thanksgiving is just a mere four days ;_; Anyhow, I'm in Seattle now - at least for the Thanksgiving holidays. My friends said it's all rainy there, and the city seems to want to prove them right - from when I come to today it was been raining slightly all the time - just now it stopped (probably the clouds need to take a break too X3 ). I might be wrong, but I remember Austria having a few more holidays every now and then, but then again, it could be my imagination and my impatience too, since I want to get around in the US a little ^^;

Ooh, I see ^-^ Yush yush, I know, I read the book of Jurrasic Park too, and found it really nice ^-^ Hehe, I fell in love with certain kinds of dinosaurs there, even though I think they ate a visitor or two ^^; Kind of ironic that Grimm is a bit violent for little kids - especially considering it's about fairy tales, and what kids are exposed to anyhow ;P But yeah, just think of it - the old witch in Hänsel and Gretel gets pushed into the oven where she burns - I mean .. that is kind of violent, come to think of it, no? X3

Same here ^^ I usually start to get all scribbly when I do longer lines, so it looks kind of .. like I didn't want it straight anyway X3 Straight things are something pretty unnatural anyhow - trees, muzzles, even hands - nothing's really perfectly straight unless it's human made (such as buildings or desks) ^^

Oh, it is a total of twelve years of education in Austria, we just start counting from zero .. err .. one again after four years ^-^

That'd be weird ;P Very weird, actually. And the gooses would find this very very weird as well ;3 If I ever get a picture of one though, yush, I'll show you. But don't count on it - usually I don't see snow bunnies, and when I do, my camera's usually faaaar away from me ^^; You got to come to Austria, climb the mountains and spot them for yourself, mwahaha ^-^
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