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Written by Tobias on Sep 11, 2005
Hehe, yush yush ^-^ You have to be extra careful after that shampoo if you don't want to end up as fruid salad X3

Yay .. now we just have to wait until they invent water resistant silk, I guess ;3 And that's a good thing - still, the Antarctic can get reeeeally cold, soo you might bring an extra set of scarfs with you (that way I'd know if I see a huge ball of scars darting around, that it's you) ^-^

Potato chips? That's a good pet food then (eeeven though you might get round as a ball after some time >3) .. iiiit's easy to get though, quite some monsters drop potatoes, and I have seen frying pans as well ^-^

Yay, that would work just fine ^-^ That way Tobias would have plenty of water to cool down, aaand you could snatch some coconuts and bananas from nearby coconut trees and banana plants ^-^
Oct 2, 2005 
Yes, and really, really careful if you lived with a very hungry bear. D;

But, I have an idea for water resistant silk—wrap it! o-o;;

Aye, I’d probably bring my whole collection, and I wouldn’t have to worry about getting lost and all, with you on the lookout. And I could also use my tail as an extra coat, as snow leopards do. <3

Oh, than I would be all fluffy like a sheep, and float like a balloon, if I ate enough potatoe chips? That would be awesome though, to make potatoe chips, I wonder if anybody has done that yet in the game, hm? ^-^

Aye, and maybe later Toby and Phiyrr could stop at a bazaar and see all the pretty things while the camel got some rest. :D
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