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Written by Tobias on Oct 2, 2005
Phiyrrrrrrrrr .. where have you been? ^^

Yup yup, you could. Even though, most learn Spanish and only very little German from what I've seen ^-^

Hehe, that's an unique way to get names for your pets. ;P Hmmm, I might try that too .. *aehm* .. Fcjwmp.
Fcjwmp? Odd name ;P But I guess it works X3

(not that I actually banged my head on the keyboard, I just closed my eyes and randomly hit a few keys X3 )
Nov 8, 2005 
School, more school, and after that swimming. I've had loads of stuff to do, and my do I just love to see my comments grow. -____-;;

Ya, and I think that German would be pretty nice to know, too, since Poland is right next to Germany and all, and then I could actually understand what my cousin was saying when buying food. (She's not German, but learned German in school.) ^-^

Heh, not really, sometimes my head hurts a lot after I smack it, and sometimes I cheat, too. Fcjwmp, you say? Well, I usually also turn it around and polish it into something much more prounounceable, such as Felinjwimpii. There you go, a jungle name for a jungle character. ;D

(Hehe, I guess that works just the same. <3)
Nov 9, 2005 
Oooh, I see ^-^ Hehe, at least you got plenty of stuff to do, that's not a bad thing, no? Still better than getting bored, and swimming is really healthy too, after all ^-^ And I know what you mean with the comments, seeing how the comments get more and more and you need to reply to them can get really stressful (in fact, that's why I only answered one or two of your comments when I noticed you weren't online that much anymore, since I didn't want to stress you out .. sooo .. don't think I didn't want to reply, ignored them or anything, they're still sitting in my message box X3 )

Yup, that makes sense. And I think German isn't really that hard either, at least that's what I was told. I've talked to a couple of Americans who can speak German too, and they really speak it well (some with no accent and everything *-* ) Buuut then again, do you plan to spend a lot of time in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Because if you'd stay more in Spain or Mexico, you could go for Spanish ;3

Felinjwimpii sounds interesting .. still, it's a pretty confusing name, no? But maybe it'd make perfect sense for a mysterious jungle character, living in their own culture, with beautiful builings (and a little lake next to it too), deep down in the jungle. Hehe, that'd make a good character, come to think of it ;3

(it does - buut it does hurt less ;3 )

Take care ^-^
Nov 23, 2005 
Yep, yep, but I really look foward to when I can sit down and finish replying to comments and start pictures I owe, ya know? ^-^ Ya, sometimes I wish that I could just look at all the comments and delete them, but then I think about how annoying it is if that were to happen to me, and I force myself to reply. <3 Thanks for that, I sometimes can be really slow. >-<

Oh, that's really cool that some people know German so well from just learning it and maybe not even being from a German country. But, I think that I would spend most time in Germany, since I really ike all Berlin's technology and all, and it's close to Poland. But I could visit Spain sometime, too. ;D

Heheh, it's mostly the character that goes with the name, but yep, I think so too, and huge, fifty feet long, colorful (friendly) fish would live in the lake. Oh, and it's sounds like a pretty place, too. ;3

(Yep, less bandages.)

You too.
Nov 24, 2005 
Yeah, I know - replying can be reall tendious at times, aaand forcing yourself isn't a good thing either - I mean, where's the fun if you have to force yourself to do it? And don't worry, just reply when you find the time, I don't mind at all ;P

Hehe, Germany's not too far away - all there's to be done is taking a train from Austria to Berlin, then go into a restaurant and have you order for everyone in German X3 (and hope we won't get too much different stuff than what we expected - if I start giggling when you order - nevermind me ;P It'll be aaaall fine )

It does, it does - the perfect place for holidays! But instead we're stuck (well, I am ;P ) in cooold and windy places, and instead of riding the fish, we ride the bus - to school ;P

(which isn't a bad idea either, no?)
Feb 15, 2006 
Yesh. But it's even worse if you don't try, like me. I'm a bit lazzzy. >:3

Though, I'll try to reply to all comments. Sometimes, if there's a lot of text, I leave it for later, and then forget. ^^;;; But I hope to come through it time.

Aye, you're right about that. xD

Yesh, stuck on the dreaded bus. D;

(No, not really. <3)

Feb 15, 2006 
Weeell, technically if you want we can shorten our notes a little and such, if that makes it more convenient for you to reply ;3

Stucj on the dreaded bus to school - that's even worse ;____; We still have holidays for a few more days, but that's it - I don't want them to end!

(heh, I totally forgot what we were talking about, I had to look it up ^^; But nope, not really ;3 Plus we wouldn't go a little dumb from banging our heads against stuff - that's what they did maaaany many thousands years ago .. Ugg X3 )
Feb 27, 2006 
Oi, thanks Toby. That will really help me with replying, late as it always is.

Phiyrr hugs.

Nobody ever wants to come back from vacations. Today, before the first day in school after holidays, I wished that there was a gas leak. xD I just didn't want too come back. D;

(I forgot, too. :P)
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