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Written by Lolly on Nov 13, 2005
That's a pretty clever idea! Having a little critter/character holding something in their paws! Decorative and practical! But yes, you'd must have special clay to increase reduction to accidents and what not. ^-^;; I see your point though- having a dear friends character as a trinket dish seems a bit..I don't know..undignifying? ^^; Unless you truly knew the person well enough to know that they're appreciate anything you give them, and look at it on the sunny side- instead of just seeing it as a dish, ja? ; for digressing. ^^;

Oh, and about the footbal match, did you enjoy it? ^-^ I am not really into any sports, but theres one thing for sure- watching the football in person is more fun that watching it on television, and DOING it it loads of more fun! Congrats on having you team winning, was it your collage/schools team or were you just watching a random football game for the heck of it? ;P
Nov 13, 2005 
Yush, I know what you mean - that and that I'd probably be scared of breaking it if I used it as dish - I'd rather treat it with silk gloves in all its dignity ^-^ Though, the idea with holding a pencil would be fun to see - hehe, you could make a little character that is holding your letters for you, ooor how about a little piggybank, being a cutsy character with a money bag where you'd put the coins into? (make sure you can get them out again as well - otherwise you could make the character look all confused, since they have no idea how to get the coins out again either X3 )

I'm not too much into watching sports as well, I'm more for doing them myself, and even then I rather go biking, hiking, skiing and all that stuff (I'm not too much of a competitive person, and seeing that two students had to be carried out doesn't really make football sport I'd particularily want to try for myself either ;P ). Still, I figured it'd be weird to be in the US and never watch what is pretty much considered the national sport here, you know what I mean? And it was pretty close too, soo .. I went there ;P And yush, it was the team of the place I take classes ^-^
(That aside people here are generally really loud at times X.x Can't say it does not irk me somewhat, since I'm more used to calm places ^^; Could it be that a lot of boys here are about .. uuh .. four years behind, the way they act? O.o )

Oh, and I found a little art store not too far from here, and wow, they really have a lot of stuff - most of which you'd never see in Austria *-* (I got myself some pastells just to try around with them a little ^-^ )
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