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Written by Phiyrr on Mar 14, 2006
I bet it does-what about snow in July? Scientists around the world would have heart attacks. xD

Aye, aye, or 'I forgot it in my locker.' And then, never come back to class, and hide in the bathroom. :B

(Fwee, I'll do that when I get oranges from the supermarket. I'll take a photo, and put it on DA! <3)

(They're plain, but the rim is red. :D)
Mar 15, 2006 
Weeell, there are places on earth where it's snowing in July - in Australia and South Africa they have winter then! :3 Of course, if it's July and it's snowing in Austria I thiiiink it's time to go down to Italy - all the way X3 (and someone needs to help all those scientists around the world too ;3 )

Oh yes, that works! Unless someone else is sent to look for you and stops by in the bathroom ;3

(Yay ^^ And who is going to sponsor the scarf for the orange? Also, are you going to eat the orange afterwards? :3 )

(Aww, pretty ^-^ Valentine's glasses?)
Mar 17, 2006 
Aye, aye, you're right. Global warming doesn't exist if it snows in Austria. :P

Fwee, tell them that you're the bathroom ghost and people should leave you in peace? xD

(Oh, I'll dig something up for the scarf, of course. And the orange I'll eat. :3)

(Oh, no, just normal. :P)
Mar 19, 2006 
Hehe, nope, definitely not ;P Though we're really getting a looot of snow this year, a lot more than usual O.O;;

Maybe X3 Except if the go back to class then and tell everybody about the bathroom ghost that sounded like Phiyrr ;P

(Okay ^-^ I'm all curious what it'll look like already :3 And .. you're actually eating the poor phiyrr-orange? O.O; Are you sure it'd agree with you eating it?)

(Ooh, I see ^^ They'd still go perfectly for Valentine's day, I'm sure ^-^ )
Apr 8, 2006 
That's strange. We had a very mild winter this year. (Make snow-seals!! :B)

I would use a voice changer. xD

(So am I!! :P Maybe. But it'd probably want to be eaten and all.)

(Yep! <3)
Apr 14, 2006 
Prooobably we got all the snow from you ;P That's why you have almost none, and we have all the snow from Austria and the United States X3 (Aww, I would, buut all of the snow is gone now ;_; I made snow-dinos though ^-^ )

Theeeen you'd freak everyone out X3

(Suuuure? ;P Who knows, your biggest desire might be to fall on the ground, or get eaten by birds, so you can spout as an all new orange tree :3 )

May 25, 2006 
Aye; global warming doesn't exist! Austria has proof. That will be the day when it hits the news headlines. xD (Awr-maybe next year? ;3)

Then I'd bake them cookies and they'd forget and be happy. >;D

(Noooooo, I'm sure the orange would want to be eaten. It's whole life was meant for it to be eaten by mwa. Mwa-hahaha!! xB)
Jun 14, 2006 
Oh, Austria has its way to get into the news ;P Especially Carinthia!
(Aye, next year ^-^ As long as we don't have too much global warming ^^; )

Yesh yes, that'd work ^-^ Unless your cookies turn out all hard and dry, then they'll remember it even more ;3

(Mwa-hahaha? ;P Like .. you-hahaha and he/she/it-hahaha? ;3 I can just picture that orange waiting its entire life to be eaten by you. "Mommy, am I ripe already? I wanna be eaten!")
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