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Written by Phiyrr on Apr 8, 2006
Kindergarteners don't know about collaberations. Though, truth to be told, I've never really done a collabaration before. D;

(Aye, honey and sugar (and maybe some creamer)!! And, yep, just like red peppers.)
Apr 8, 2006 
Oh, I see ;_; It's a little sad, because especially Kindergarten should be a little about working together already, you know? ^^ If you want however, we could do a collaboration, though I'd be more interested in real media than computer collabs ;P

(Wow, you put a lot in your tea ;P *puts in honey, sugar and creamer* ^^ Oh, and I just saw a pineapple-paprika chocolate too, the other day - how about that? X3)
Apr 9, 2006 
Aye, aye. To us, Kindergarten was about getting a lot of time to play. xD

Awr, sure, but only if you have the time. Though a real media would be like pencil and paper, right? :B

(xD I'd rather not.)
Apr 9, 2006 
I'll note you ;3
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