Written by Tobias on May 24, 2006
Hehe, thank you! ^-^ And hello :3 I'm doing aaall fine, thanks for asking, I don't really have that many projects anymore now, mostly it's just assignments and such ;3

Hope you're doing fine just as well!

(Heeey .. if the US is the awesome land of awesomeness - what's Austria? ;3 )
May 25, 2006 
Good to hear. That's another big obstacle off your back now. :3

Yup, I'm doing fine too. Thankfully the homework is starting to slowly diminish, but we still got upcoming exams to worry about.

(no more writing out Spanish sentences! =D Each day we had to write out about 120 vocabulary words, as well as many statements. I would rather type, but some of the teachers are picky about that. They want our hands to suffer. D= They must not want us to copy and paste. >_> )

(Hmm, it's your call! That's what I named it. ;P How about making one up for Austria? Like...uh, the Governator's home country, or Headquarters of Developers of Really Cool Chocolate!)
May 25, 2006 
Oh yes, it definitely is :3 There's just a few reviews I need to do for Sunday, and then there's that English assignment and writing the project findings thingy there, and after that, all that's left are the exams ^-^ (just like for you ;3 )

And I guess the main reason they don't like it typed is because you can just copy from each other really quick, with writing it's much harder to do (plus you tend to learn more from writing by hand for some reason ;3 )

Oh, I would have sooome interesting and fitting names, buuut nothing that'd make you come over ;P
May 26, 2006 
Err, I must have spoken too soon. ^^; But the good thing is that you only got about a month left. ^-^ But... you have school on Sunday? D= How could they do that to you? ;_;

My teacher noticed that one time and told me not to pass along my typed notes to other people. And I obeyed, of course. Besides, it's sort of annoying when people come up to you and just demand to copy you. I mean, what work are THEY doing?

(Well, I actually memorize my notes easier if I get to type them. ;3 With a small font, you get to fit more stuff in one page, aaand it's a bit more organized too. =] )

Oh, come on. I'm sure there are some cool names you can come up with. ^^ And hey, the peaceful outdoors is enough reason to want to visit Austria. =D It's waay too crowded here, and finding an REALLY quiet and enjoyable place is very hard.
May 27, 2006 
Hehe, naw, no school for us on Sunday ^-^ It's just that in this class we hand in our work by e-mail, sooo that's why we have time until Sunday evening (which gives us two extra days, so I'm not complaining :3 ) And yush, juuust about one month anymore, and then it's all holidays and relaxing ^-^

Oh yes ;P Eeeven though they do that with hand-written homework as well, just that they copy by hand ;3 What they do here is that if they realize someone copied from you, they grade it as if none of you handed anything in - aaand I kind of don't see why I should risk getting a bad grade just so someone else can copy off my work which I did myself anyway - I mean, they didn't do it and I should get a worse grade? Doesn't sound fair, does it? ;P

(that's true, but I type rather fast, so I have a hard time remembering what I wrote ;P With handwritten notes I can fit a lot on a page as well, I'd draw lines and arrows to connect everything and write really small, and I somehow can concentrate more than on the computer too :3 )

That's true, but in the cities, Austria's probably not that much different - just that houses and streets are really small and packed next to each other really densely, because many things are over a century old where everything was still built that way, you know? One thing I love about the US is that there's sooo much space, with heaps of green everywhere, even if in such big cities as LA is - I mean .. you should see Vienna ;P
May 28, 2006 
Has it been that way for a long time? Our school never used the emailed homework method until this year, when my teacher used a website for our class to turn in our English essays. And it was pretty convenient, because it meant I didn't have to waste a lot of paper to print out every draft. ;P Since it's Sunday for you already, I trust you got that paper finished and everything. ;)

I wish the teachers were like that in my class. About half of the students do just that in my classroom, because my teacher doesn't really check if the papers are exactly the same. It's a pity (actually, some of them are just very lazy by nature, so it's no big surprise ;P ), but eh, there's nothing to be done, I guess.

(I don't know if you told you this already, but if someone just wants to copy my entire paper of notes, I just refuse. When they tell me, "If you were my friend, you would help me!" I would just reply "I am helping motivating you to do your own work.")

Heheh, sometimes I don't pay attention to my notes either way...handwritten or typed. Sometimes one is concentrated on writing it all down that he doesn't always actually "understand" it. It's sort of like reading a confusing book. You might be able to read all that confusing literature, but you never really understood the plot of it because the wording was too weird for you. That's why going over everything is pretty helpful for me. ^-^

(Arrows actually confuse me when studying notes. It's takes a lot of time to just follow the arrow to whatever you were trying to figure out. To make stuff easier to study, I just write down the term and its description next to each other- like that study sheet I showed you the other time. That way you can just cover up the term while studying and then reveal it to see if your guess what right. But I guess that was sort of obvious. ^^;

What...Vienna has little green grass? From some pictures I've seen, it looks like it has some, buuut since you've been to the city, maybe you can tell me what it was like. I'm sure it's a lot cleaner tha Tijuana though. >_> Err, that sounded a bit too cruel and biased...but I'm just saying...
May 30, 2006 
Naw, not really ;P It happens rarely, but they do try to involve the internet and ocmputers more and more in school, much to the dismay of most teachers, who have to take attendance with the computer now which is kind of weird (most don't do it anyway and just take everything down on paper, transferring it to the computer once a week). Oh, yush, I did get it finished - on Sunday ;3 I meant to do it on Saturday, but things got too late, and since I knew it wasn't too much work, I did it Sunday, but of course I procrastinated it too much again <.<

Heh, I'm all for them doing it - I mean, if some people work hard for their grades and others just copy something really quick and without effort, why should they get the same good grade, you know?

(Oh, that makes sense ^^ I'm usually just like "oh, mine's just a big mess" when they ask me and rush off, but most of my friends do the assignments just fine, so they'd never ask me for that anyway. Plus, I don't think being a friend means that you have to let them copy your work, no? ;P )

Weeell, if you overdo it with the arrows they do get confusing, but if you just use a few to get your point across, they help quite a bit and give you a mental picture about it too, which you might remember during the exam ;3 Covering up the notes never seemed to help a whole lot, since sometimes you just look ahead and go like "oh yeah, I'd have known that" - so usually what we do in the morning or before class is checking ourselves, either by asking us questions or just .. talking about whatever we're supposed to learn ;3

Heh, you know, the photos you find here and there usually show the best parts of the city ;3 It is pretty in a way, but in other way it's just big with loads of cars, weird people and places you'd better not go. I'm much more for little villages a bit more outside of towns, LA is actually too big for me already, but you don't really notice its size, because there's so much green everywhere and everything's aaall spaced out ^^
May 30, 2006 
That's the way my teachers have to take attendance now: with computers. They just stand behind it mark us if we're here. Previously when the classrooms had no computers, the teachers would all mark attendance on a graph-paper-type sheet, but now the school has been installing computers everywhere. That's how the also input our grades, although they still mark homework completion with paper.

That's exactly what I was thinking, except some people fail to realize the work you went through to finish paper.

(Hmm, I've tried the "My paper's a mess thing" too, but they can tell I'm lying because I've never done "mess-like" work. They would say "No it's not. I know you're done with it. Come on, pleeeease!" And argh, it's annoying when they refuse to leave you alone until you show them your work. >_>; I'm a horrible liar.)

Hmm, okay, I'll trust you on that, but you still get the snow! =D You lucky seal, you. It's almost summer though. Do you still have snow? I'm not sure how well seals can handle the hot sun. Better bring the ice! :3
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