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Written by Phiyrr on May 25, 2006
Aye; global warming doesn't exist! Austria has proof. That will be the day when it hits the news headlines. xD (Awr-maybe next year? ;3)

Then I'd bake them cookies and they'd forget and be happy. >;D

(Noooooo, I'm sure the orange would want to be eaten. It's whole life was meant for it to be eaten by mwa. Mwa-hahaha!! xB)
Jun 14, 2006 
Oh, Austria has its way to get into the news ;P Especially Carinthia!
(Aye, next year ^-^ As long as we don't have too much global warming ^^; )

Yesh yes, that'd work ^-^ Unless your cookies turn out all hard and dry, then they'll remember it even more ;3

(Mwa-hahaha? ;P Like .. you-hahaha and he/she/it-hahaha? ;3 I can just picture that orange waiting its entire life to be eaten by you. "Mommy, am I ripe already? I wanna be eaten!")
Jun 18, 2006 
Aye, that's true! xD
{Maybe Austria will get buried under snow? O:}

But they wouldn't, because I'd spray them with water. So, no brittle cookies. -shakes finger-

{No, silly. Like Hahahahah! But with an ebil side to it. :B The orange probably even ran away from home just to be eaten. xD}
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